Modders Help Persona 5 Join The Sims

Modders Help Persona 5 Join The Sims

Modders Help Persona 5 Join The Sims

Modders Help Persona 5 Join The Sims

Persona 5 (and the Phantom Thieves) are leaving the PS Plus Collection very soon. However, they are making quite a stir with the upcoming release on Switch/Xbox Game Pass.

But that’s not all. If recent mods released by Sims show, the modding scene has a phantom fever.

The community brought together the characters from Persona 5 and The Sims after the creation of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in-game. To be fair, they’re quite similar story-wise – it’s all a simulation.

Sims is the Phantom Thieves

Persona 5 was my first experience with Persona 5. I wanted more. After spending a horrible amount of time with my boy Ryuji, I was desperate for more. How could I not go to ramen and gym with this absolute legend?

It’s a shame that I didn’t wait to play it. There’s an instant alternative. Cryptic has made it possible to dress your Sims in costumes inspired by the legendary Phantom Thieves of Hearts in Persona 5 of The Sims 4.

The Persona 5CC – Shujin Academy Shorts and Skirt are more recent additions to the Makoto and Mishima collections. However, there is plenty of material in the modders’ back catalog that can be used to make your own Shibuya in The Sims.

Are you a doctor looking to make poor decisions about your trial subjects? TaeTakemi cosplay might be for you. Maybe you just want to wear her punk spiderweb outfit out on the town. You don’t have to worry about it – it can be worn in 12 colors and any gender.

You have the classics like Ann, Yusuke, and Haru to keep you warm during this wonderful season.

You can also add the stunning Sayuri painting as part of your home decor. But make sure it is the original version. Otherwise, you will have to fight an extra boss!

Tell us how you will dress your Phantom Thieves! The official crossover allows students to live a normal, chilled life. Poor kids, deserve it. The Sims 4’s modding scenes are a true gem.

Modders Help Persona 5 Join The Sims
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