GTA Online Player Tormented by Loch Ness Monster

GTA Online Player Tormented by Loch Ness Monster

GTA Online Player Tormented by Loch Ness Monster

GTA Online Player Tormented by Loch Ness Monster

Have you ever wondered what the Loch Ness Monster is? Cryptozoologists may be in luck. You can’t find her in Scotland, but you may be lucky driving around Los Santos.

GTA Online’s modders and cheaters are creative and ready to make the most unique and bizarre creatures possible to destroy the city.

However, Loch Ness Monster has been described as a swimmer, not a frightening flying creature. Perhaps the myth is emerging for the first time in 30 years.

Nessie Shows Up In GTA Online

Reddit user SnooDoubts2153 was the lucky winner, though they weren’t happy with their discovery.

They said, “Well, they’re f***ed,” before uploading a video of them being chased down Los Lagunas Boulevard with a helicopter modified to look like Nessie. She dodges and weaves around counterfire as rockets erupt from her neck and fins collide with structures.

Some commenters were less than pleased with Nessie’s appearance in the game and criticized the PC version of GTA Online as a hotbed for hackers. Allulaatikko21 summarized it well: “Average PC moment.”

Others are puzzled about the creature’s identity. Silver_Commando thought it to be a Diplodocus because of its long neck. But According said that, he didn’t believe so. “I thought they were herbivores. Guess I am wrong because this guy is out for blood.”

The original poster provided more details about the issue. They said, “A m*dded Mk2.” They said that the man in the mk2 was not the m*dder, but that he used it and died after firing a missile at the ground.

It’s not a bad thing that the person flying the helicopter wasn’t doing so for evil purposes – would it be wrong to take the chance to fly in the Loch Ness Monster and fire rockets at your enemies?

GTA Online Player Tormented by Loch Ness Monster
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