Pokemon Fossil Museum is Available for All Outsiders
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Pokemon Fossil Museum is Available for All Outsiders

Pokemon Fossil Museum is Available for All Outsiders

Pokemon Fossil Museum is Available for All Outsiders

During the pandemic, I had a virtual date with an older man through a digital museum tour. It was right as Animal Crossing had come out, and I made a passing observation about visiting a real museum once the shit calmed down. He found a link to a digital museum tour on the next date. It was so cute and something I had never done before. Perhaps things would have turned out differently if the digital museum tour had been about the Pokémonuniverse and not the real boring one. It’s possible now because the Pokemon Company has put out a digital tour of the Pokemon Fossil museum exhibit in Japan for those who don’t have passports or the funds to fly around the globe.

You’ll find all the usual attractions, but it is based on the characters and Pokemon species featured in the series. The first thing you’ll see when you enter is a mockup of a Tyrantrum Skelet, which you own. You will find different areas that are made from other ancient Pokemon. These fossils have been in-game staples since Pokemon Red and Blue. There are also descriptions in the universe of all the exhibits.

It’s in Japanese, so you won’t be able to read the entire thing. As I go through it, I am struck by the many sculptures and nods to lore I can see. It makes me long for a visit in person. A digital tour is an alternative. It is also cheaper than flying to Japan on an impulsive basis.

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We might learn more about Pokemon’shistory of Scarlet & Violet’s launch date on Switch on November 18. The RPGs appear to explore Pokemon’spast, present, and future concepts as personified by their professors. One of them is wearing clothing that evokes a prehistoric era.

Pokemon Fossil Museum is Available for All Outsiders
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