Bungie will hold Destiny 2 event next month to discuss what’s next

Bungie will hold Destiny 2 event next month to discuss what's next

Bungie will hold a Destiny 2 event next month to discuss what’s next.

Although the announcement did not provide many details, it featured a trailer that showcased several moments from Destiny 2’sLight and Darkness story. This saga began with the Destinygame and will continue until the Final Shapeexpansion, set to launch in 2024. This footage is a lot of the duplicate footage that long-time fans are familiar with, but Bungie has set an August 23 date where they will discuss what the future holds for the shooter. It is not clear if the stream will be available at a specific time, so it is unclear if it will be.

It’s not that Destiny fans lack content at the moment. Season of the Haunted will continue until August 23. Bungie will also be discussing Destiny 2’sfuture. The expansion Lightfall will follow. It is expected to launch in 2023. Bungie will likely be discussing this topic in some capacity next month.

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This announcement mentions Destiny 2. It leaves one wondering if anything will be revealed about the competitive-focused game that the studio had open positions for. It was stated that the job would be for a game that expanded the Destinyuniverse’s lore. So it appears that Bungie wants to make more games in this series that are unrelated to Destiny 2’sloop or story. Who knows what else? However, we may hear more soon. Let’s not forget to set our expectations for the August presentation.

Fanbyte’s page contains all our information on Bungie’s loot shooter.

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