‘GTA Online Player’ Discovers Genius Hack to Grind While AFK

'GTA Online Player' Discovers Genius Hack to Grind While AFK

‘GTA Online Player’ Discovers Genius Hack to Grind While AFK

GTA Online continues to thrive almost nine years after its original launch. This is thanks to the dedicated players and regular updates from Rockstar. Poor Red Dead Online is not the same. Rest in peace.

Regardless, people continue to find new ways to play the game, no matter how old they are. Gfinity Esports reported that one player found a way to grind in the game without putting in any extra effort. You will only need a toy digger truck. Wait, what?

“New meta for AFKing?” It is, at least for me. This toy, which I inherited from my childhood, has been given a new purpose after many years. “Farewell, playing around with rubber bands or hair ties,” said WahedAli1, a Reddit user. They shared an image of the DualSense controller’s right stick being tilted by the toy.


A bit of context: Last year’s Los Santos Tuners update introduced the LS Car Meet to players. It included a new 1000-level progression system, along with some nice cosmetics and bonuses for those who earn enough Reputation (RP). Many players discovered that weighing down controllers or attaching rubber bands to their analog sticks was a great way to make progress without spending hours on the game. WahedAli1’s approach is similar, but hilarious.

These methods work well, but it is not clear if they are recommended. Many users pointed out that holding a controller in one spot for too long can cause damage. No one likes a drifting control stick. Grin responsibly, people.

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