The PS1 Games You Should Not Forget

The PS1 Games You Should Not Forget

The PS1 Games You Should Not Forget

The PS1 Games You Should Not Forget

The PlayStation 2 was the one that created the ball. Nearly every subsequent console, regardless of manufacturer, has taken influence from the original arcade game Psychic Force, which was ported over to the PlayStation in 1997. This transfer did not diminish the appeal of Taito’s ambitious but flawed take on one of the most beloved genres of the 90s.

Instead of two men kicking each other in the head and shouting incomprehensible catchphrases while squabbling, Psychic Force frames their action with a cube-shaped magic force field. The game was unique in that the fights were not only performed from the left but also the right. Players floated up, down, and across the screen. It looked almost like an indoor skydiving facility brawl.

Although it isn’t perfect, there are times when the game is hampered by the lacklustre depth and some awful dialogue. But Psychic Force has charm and novelty. Its fun take on the format brings something new to a genre at risk of becoming boring.

Wild 9

Shiny Entertainment built a reputation for profound weirdness and eventually a legacy, MDK and Earthworm Jim highlighting the studio’s ability to create out-of-the-box surrealist content. However, they never allowed quirkiness to get in the way of quality.

Wild 9 was designed by David Perry (the same man who created the original Earthworm Jim) and was a 2.5D platform adventure. It took many of Shiny Entertainment’s eccentric sensibilities and transformed them into an adventure platform as daringly individual as it was difficult.

Follow the brilliantly named Wex Major as they navigate their way through a strange galaxy, making eccentric friends and forming the game’s title group. Wild 9 wasn’t as well-crafted or cohesive as Earthworm Jim, but it is worth the effort for those who love the quirky humour that made Jim such a popular character. Wild 9 is a cartoonish, funny, and unique PS1 game.

The PS1 Games You Should Not Forget
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