How To Acquire Diablo 4'S The Grandfather.

How To Acquire Diablo 4’S The Grandfather.

How To Acquire Diablo 4’S The Grandfather.


Diablo 4 is all about collecting stronger items for your character while honing their build, and if two-handed swords are your thing then chances are good you might be looking forward to getting The Grandfather himself in Blizzard’s highly-anticipated action RPG!
Diablo 4’s The Grandfather isn’t sought out solely due to its impressive blade; though that certainly plays a factor. Instead, its modifiers also make it a valuable piece for certain builds and classes alike – particularly since equipping this item doesn’t restrict you to just one class!

Diablo 4 The Grandfather

Unfortunately, similar to its counterpart the Harlequin Crest, there doesn’t appear to be an easy way for you to quickly add this unique two-handed sword into your arsenal.

Not only can unique items only appear during World Tier 3 or 4, so you cannot target it directly, they won’t drop before endgame either unless playing on World Tier 3.

Diablo 4’s random loot system ensures that anyone interested in getting The Grandfather’s unique two-handed sword must go through its rigorous selection process to do so.

Slaying demons across multiple activities within this game – opening chests or breaking containers is the way forward!

The Tree of Whispers and Helltide allow you to choose specific items as rewards, which could increase your odds.

How to Unlock Diablo 4’s The Grandfather

However, patience and luck play an integral part of success when playing any RPG, such as Diablo 4.

Diablo 4’s unique two-handed sword The Grandfather comes equipped with mods designed to enhance damage, stats and life expectancy.

Also, this item ignores durability loss so there won’t be any maintenance to do later; its special ability is increasing critical strike damage.

Adam Jackson, Lead Class Designer provided more insight on how acquiring super rare unique items works in late June 2023.

Like its peers, The Grandfather only drops from level 85+ enemies in Diablo 4. However, once past that point of endgame playability is reached it can technically be obtained from any source which offers chances to grant unique items; furthermore it always drops at 820 item power.

However, although these numbers could change as live service begins in earnest for this game, having an idea of what needs to happen in order to obtain one of those super rare uniques can give us an edge when trying for that rare battle.

So far we’ve covered everything we know about Diablo 4’s The Grandfather two-handed sword and its possible addition to your collection.

For more on the game, find out how to obtain Razorplate armor and discover what the Thorns stat means.

How To Acquire Diablo 4’S The Grandfather.
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