Free Harry Potter RPG accused of being pay-to-win

Free Harry Potter RPG accused of being pay-to-win

Free Harry Potter RPG accused of being pay-to-win


Harry Potter: Magic Awakened has quickly become the talk of the town since its release last week; many players already alleging pay-to-win practices within its free-to-play RPG model.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is an MMO collectible card wizard duelling game with strategy RPG elements – that is quite an expansive description!

Hogwarts Legacy may contain familiar faces but Magic Awakened takes place 10 years post Battle of Hogwarts which took place in The Deathly Hallows and boasts its own delightful art style with plenty of Professor Layton-esque vibes that allows players to truly embody life of students at Hogwarts with duelling, dance classes and mysteries to solve… all while including some pay-to-win elements too… but not as extensive.

Reddit user jcam6972 posted, “Anyone else disappointed by how [pay-to-win] this game is? […] While I really do love playing it a great deal and had hopes it would be fair and reasonable as a free-to-play person… but seeing an opponent with level 17 legendary cards showed just how unbalanced free play can be; consequently I likely will abandon this game due to it and not waste more time [on it]!”

People continued, “I had considered purchasing either the monthly or season pass, but with how high card levels go and limited gold resources are. For now I’m disappointed and won’t make up my mind until seeing more from this game.

Many users agreed with the original poster’s assessment: user srona22 wrote “If you see NetEase, expect pay-to-win]. I only play it out of nostalgia and love of story; art work and 3D models remind of certain games from early 2000s.

” Obcommentary wrote that when facing PvP against someone outfitted fully for it I know I will likely lose; when winning is achieved however there’s always that sense of achievement.” HarryPTHD uninstalled after trying it for fun but getting tired of gacha grinding as ads for cosmetic purchases kept appearing constantly, and finally Quidditch Champions should feature less of this type.

Free Harry Potter RPG accused of being pay-to-win
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