Starfield is unplayable by many PC players

Starfield is unplayable by many PC players

Starfield is unplayable by many PC players


Starfieldis only a couple of weeks away. However, Bethesda has published the system requirements. Not everyone will be able to play this game.

Starfield will be released exclusively on Xbox Series X/S, PC and Xbox Series X/S.

The game is huge, even though the storyline seems to be a bit short. Each explorable world has a larger map than Skyrim. The game is already being marketed as a massively addictive experience. Some players have even started creating their starships in anticipation of its September release.

Some are worried about its performance. Apart from its possible release being filled with game-breaking bugs as well as other technical issues like the previous Bethesda games Fallout4, many players will not be able crank up the performance of the game on their current equipment.

Xbox Series X/S gamers are restricted to 30FPS. They’re trying to change this with a petition but it’s not working. PC players can play at the fullest potential if they have the necessary hardware.

Bethesda published Starfield’s requirements recently on steam. This revealed that a monster PC is required to play the game the way the developers intended. Starfield is the first PC title to need an SSD.

Most PC gamers will have no problem running the game, but some may need to upgrade to get the best experience.

Bethesda and AMD have partnered to offer several bundles with a copy of Starfield. AMD has categorised these bundles into three performance levels, with one even seeing an impressive price reduction. This allows you to get a new CPU at a lower price.

Starfieldwill be released on the 6th of September, this year exclusively for Xbox Series X/S or PC.

Starfield is unplayable by many PC players
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