Starfield's fans already divided over nudity in the game

Starfield’s fans already divided over nudity in the game

Starfield’s fans already divided over nudity in the game


Starfield players are eager to know whether to wear clothes or not. They want to know how nudity will be used in Bethesda’s epic space RPG. Why? Why?

Starfield looks to be an epic game. There are more than 1,000 planets that can be explored and ten percent of them have signs of life. There are over 100 civilisations to explore, and the rest of them will have valuable resources. is the largest thing has ever created. You can download the game now if you are an Xbox Game Pass member. The game has a smaller file size than you would think . Let’s discuss nudity, which isn’t nearly as long as one might expect. The fans can’t decide what they are willing to watch.

On Reddit one user asked “Will Bethesda bite the bullet and finally put nudity into this game?” It’s a common misconception that romance is only important in video games if they are X-rated. This is not true. Some players want that to happen.

As said, “I also like strong d**k, but it would limit the audience a lot.” Some were not as enthusiastic. stated that wanted better models of players that looked like real people, and underwear that didn’t appear to be rags dipped into bleach.

What do we know to ease the fears of those troubled Starfield fans? Starfield sex scenes were revealed to be pretty wild earlier this year. Some of the raunchy lines include: “Life is sexually transmitted diseases that are 100 percent fatal” and “I am all for getting wild but let’s do it next time without jetpacks.” There are so many things I want to know.

It doesn’t mean that the scenes are as graphically detailed, for instance, like Cyberpunk 2107. You will still be able start a space romance and then escalate it if you so wish.

Starfield’s fans already divided over nudity in the game
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