Diablo 4 banned for non-cheat Mods

Diablo 4 banned for non-cheat Mods

Diablo 4 banned for non-cheat Mods


Diablo is a popular series of RPGs and every release of it is greeted with excitement by fans.

Diablo IV was released earlier this year and it should have been a great success for Blizzard. Unfortunately, even though it was the most successful game of all-time for Blizzard Entertainment and made a staggering $666,000,000 in its first five launch days, the past few months have been frustrating both for developers and players.

Like most similar games, servers are often strained by fans who want to join in the fun. These server problems are usually quickly fixed. But when players lose their level 100 characters for no reason, and frustrated fans vent their anger by bombing a game after a controversial update, it seems that Diablo 4 will never be able to recover.

Diablo III players may be even more annoyed by this news. This time, the issue is not server problems or confusing choices in a patch. Instead, they could ban all mods, including those that don’t cheat.


Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed in a forum thread that accounts will be suspended or banned permanently if they are found to have used mods. The ‘TurboHUD4 mod’ was a widely used mod for Diablo III.


TurboHUD4 does not give players an advantage in gameplay, but it makes their user interface more aesthetically pleasing and helps them keep better track of stats. Blizzard confirmed the ban on TurboHUD4 in Diablo IV.

All Diablo IV Players must agree to Blizzard’s EULA in order to play the game. Blizzard’s EULA prohibits any software that automates or modifies the game, including bots and hacks. It is vital for the security of players and long-term integrity of games.

The message continued, “With this in mind, it is important to note that TurboHUD4, as with any other game modification software, cannot be used for Diablo III. Installing this type of software puts players’ accounts at risk. This can lead to permanent suspension.

Diablo IV has been released for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Diablo 4 banned for non-cheat Mods
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