Where to find the long gun?
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Where to find the long gun?

Where to find the long gun?


As you are about to complete your quest through Losomn you will find the Nightfall Weapon. This weapon is one of the most deadly in the game.

Nightfall , a weapon in Remnant 2, is not immediately available when you enter the streets of Losomn. It was only available at the end of my main quest.

Remnant 2, Nightfall

The gun is a reward from defeating Nightweaver, a world boss of the Tormented asylum.

The two-phase battle can be a difficult fight, depending on the time you face it. You will need to learn how to avoid quick attacks, and to take advantage of both short and long damage windows.

Ava McCabe, Ward 13, can craft the Nighfall Long Gun using the Cursed Dream Silks that you receive after killing the World Boss.

You’ll need 1000 scrap and 7 Crystals of Lumenite.

  • The Nightfall Remnant weapon is made using Cursed Dream Silks, obtained by killing Nightweaver in Losomn.

The Nightfall weapon from Remnant 2 is installed in the long-gun slot. The weapon is semi-automatic, slower than other weapons but it deals good damage.

Its unique mod Dreamwalker turns the weapon into an automatic weapon that fires at a higher rate and has infinite ammunition.

Here’s what you should know about Nightfall in Remnant 2. You can also read about the Lemark District puzzle or the Morrow Parish combination for more information on this third-person shooting game.

Where to find the long gun?
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