Fans agree: Xbox's free game can't be put down.

Fans agree: Xbox’s free game can’t be put down.

Fans agree: Xbox’s free game can’t be put down.


Xbox has released another free game, and fans found themselves instantly taken by its captivating charms. Fans were instantly charmed by this adventure-based title called Drift Mania!

Xbox Game Pass offers hundreds of free titles, with new ones added regularly, making it difficult to keep up with what to play or avoid. I remember opening up the library on my Xbox Series X just to look through everything available without ever actually making up my mind on something specific to try out.

One of the newest games to join Xbox Game Pass is one that I wholeheartedly endorse after already experiencing its delights on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5. So much so, that I’ll likely return for round three on Xbox.

Adam Robinson-Yu’s A Short Hike is an open world indie minigame in which your goal is to climb to the peak of a mountain so your mobile phone has reception again.

How you navigate your way up a mountain is ultimately up to you. Golden Feathers provide boosts for both stamina and climbing ability, making scaling some of the more daunting cliff faces easier. You may find Golden Feathers scattered about, or earn them by engaging in fun quests with some of the island’s residents; perhaps race around racing boats around it or search beaches for coins to help pay back student loan accounts of characters on this adventure!

A Short Hike blends exploration, light puzzle solving and engaging dialogue into an enjoyable gameplay experience with stunning pixellated aesthetic. Reminiscent of The Legend Of Zelda or Animal Crossing in style and playability, A Short Hike can be completed within hours – perfect as an Game Pass freebie!

“Had an amazing night playing Xbox Series X! Super relaxing and so much discovery!” exclaimed one user on Reddit’s Xbox Series X subreddit.

“Yup I couldn’t put it down once i began reading.

A Short Hike can easily be played through in one sitting, though there are numerous secrets and extras waiting to be unlocked when the credits roll. I cannot recommend it enough! Additionally, if after playing A Short Hike you are interested in more indie mountain climbing games I have another awesome suggestion for you – Mountain Ascender by GameScale Studios is another gem in its genre that shouldn’t be overlooked!

Fans agree: Xbox’s free game can’t be put down.
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