Diablo 4’s forthcoming patch will include some less-than-desirable boss health buffs.


Though Diablo 4’s Season of Malignant was marred by controversy upon release, many players still took full advantage of it by seeking items which will take their characters further in leveling up.

Some intrepid hellspawn have even managed to come across Malignant Hearts that provide permanent buffs – though others have met with less luck as they encounter bugs that hinder progress in-game.

Now, the full details for Patch 1.1.1 have been made public and set for deployment on August 8. The announcement came during last week’s Campfire Chat; some changes regarding boss health seeming less-than-popular among players.

One of the patch’s more noticeable modifications – which you can read up on here – involves bosses above level 60 being granted health increases that range from 50% at level 80 up to 150% at level 150; an unconventional move that has met mixed reactions among players.

Wudijo was critical of these revisions in her video detailing this patch update, noting how those using area of effect damage without significant single target attacks are no longer able to kill bosses quickly enough for comfort.

They noted they would have preferred enhancements to boss attack damage or movement speed instead, since even with increased chances of bosses above level 35 dropping legendary items and health boosts they won’t provide sufficient compensation for this change.

Wudijo also suggested that some players might opt to only run dungeons without bosses after this change is implemented.

Macrobioboi noted in their own patch review: “[The issue with bosses was]n’t that they died too fast; rather they serve only as gear checks before becoming insignificant.

Adam “PezRadar” Fletcher of Diablo Global Community Development Director has since assured those fearful that every boss battle they engage after the patch goes live will receive health buffs; PezRadar confirmed in his Twitter thread that bosses fought during main campaign encounters as well as Uber Lilith will not receive health boosts.

Respectfully, the patch also incorporates various changes which have been met with great approval by its audience.

These include correcting an enchanting bug which would cause stats to repeat across multiple re-rolls, as well as rectifying an issue with Barber Malignant Heart that led it to absorb damage from all players in a party – not only from its user.

No matter your chances for defeating Diablo 4’s initial boss after patch releases, be sure to follow us for guides regarding its items and quests available during Season of Malignant.

Diablo 4’s forthcoming patch will include some less-than-desirable boss health buffs.
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