Engineers working for Zelda have designed some extremely inventive animal-inspired contraptions.


Since Tears of the Kingdom’s release, Legend of Zelda fans have used its fuse mechanics to craft some incredible creations.

However, its modding scene already boasts numerous impressive add-ons; perhaps most impressive of all of the builds crafted thus far by players is that most are created solely using objects already found within the game itself.

While one group of technically-minded tinkerers are racing their best vehicle builds across Hyrule, others have taken it upon themselves to utilize their creative side by developing contraptions that David Attenborough himself would probably approve of.

Alongside an abundance of stunning flying machines and automobiles that have recently made headlines, animal-inspired creations have recently begun appearing on Hyrule Engineering subreddit.

Katasan84’s “wholly impractical whale contraption” exemplifies an emerging trend. You can watch their clip and witness its impressive ability to mimic fish movements with propelled thrusts of fins and railing tail.

Katasan84 noted in their comment that they needed to zoom out their camera to capture its full form and that some fellow engineers suggested similarities to sharks as inspirations for its form.

Nikorabbit’s attempt at crafting an ingenious bird contraption that can drink from rivers was no less impressive, thanks to a fire pushing up on its balloon behind and pivoting its head forward; unfortunately its beak wasn’t long enough.

Although these builds could prove one-offs rather than beginning an industry trend, given the nature of Hylian engineering communities it seems likely that someone will manage to assemble an animal circus within short order.

No matter where your Tears of the Kingdom adventures may have led you recently, stay connected with us for helpful guides that can aid your journeys through Hyrule by showing how to locate hidden Gerudo shops or obtain Hylian shields or unlock Skyview Towers.

Engineers working for Zelda have designed some extremely inventive animal-inspired contraptions.
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