PlayStation 5 Major System Error with Melted USB Ports

PlayStation 5 Major System Error with Melted USB Ports

PlayStation 5 Major System Error with Melted USB Ports


When we said the PlayStation 5 is one of the hottest consoles out there, we never meant for it to mean so!

Taken a cue from RoboCop and its 1987 classic film, and The Land of Oz respectively, gamers have reported an unusual system error is melting the USB ports on PlayStation 5 consoles, seemingly taking inspiration from “toxic acid man.”

As reported by Cnet (via Kotaku), USB ports have reportedly started melting following extended gaming sessions, something which first surfaced at last weekend’s Evo tournament in Las Vegas – an annual gathering where gamers from around the globe come to compete against some of the finest fighters from titles like Street Fighter 6 or Tekken 7.

Overheating consoles has long been an issue across brands and models, though this issue seems less frequent nowadays compared with in years gone by. Still, for optimal results it should always be stored in an airy area, such as being elevated so it has plenty of fresh air circulating freely underneath its case.

Unfortunately, maintaining proper ventilation on an intense tournament stage may be more complex than when used at home – particularly since consoles will likely be running all day over an entire weekend of intense competitive action for valuable prizes.

As reported by, the PS5 only offers one USB-A port in front of its console; all others are located at its rear. As it generates heat at its rear, when used for arcade sticks or controllers throughout the day, overheating may quickly become an issue, potentially melting plastic inside USB ports altogether.

@cloudraven of Twitter shared an image showing an overheated USB port as part of his response to someone highlighting the problem of overheated PS5 consoles during extended gaming sessions.

Last weekend’s Evo tournament caused quite the uproar over something entirely different – an unknowing competitor accidentally using an unsanitised Chun-Li mod for Street Fighter 6. Wow.

Before going any further, one effective strategy to stop PS5 console overheating is taking regular breaks by shutting the system off for some rest and relaxation. For wired controllers or arcade sticks that use USB connections such as front USB port should reduce overheating risks significantly; and always ensure your console is placed optimally to benefit from ventilation.

PlayStation 5 Major System Error with Melted USB Ports
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