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Xbox is planning on introducing another console system this year.

Xbox is planning on introducing another console system this year.


Microsoft may soon unveil an updated Xbox Series X console that’ll omit one of its key features.

Although behind Sony PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox Series X/S consoles have performed very well. Both offer good options for current-gen gamers; with Series X being capable of 4K UHD resolution for slightly more cost; whereas Series S provides more affordable gameplay experience for casual users.

Error Code 101102) The consoles have also seen new exclusive games arrive recently, such as Bethesda’s Starfield from Bethesda; with Activision-Blizzard expected to bring more exclusives for Xbox once their deal closes – though Call of Duty remains multiplatform, with Xbox seemingly having no plans other than providing them through Xbox Game Pass subscription services.

Insiders believe Microsoft may be working on an innovative new console variant which combines elements from both their Series X and S consoles for maximum power at an economical price point. They suggest it could even come without disc drives altogether for added portability compared to more powerful variants like Series X.

Rumors surrounding Xbox’s 2025 console update come via XboxEra Podcast host Nick Baker who claimed at 2 minutes 5 and 27 seconds that he heard from “a couple of sources”, that it will feature “digital-only Series X, so no disk drive.” Furthermore he mentioned plans for “other hardware in 2025”, although details were left unknown.

Xbox could very well release a digital Series X console, given its expensive nature; without disc drives it would certainly reduce costs without impacting performance and power output.

However, all this speculation should be treated with extreme caution until Xbox makes an official statement about what will or won’t happen in 2018.

Xbox is planning on introducing another console system this year.
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