GTA Online datamine unearthed major GTA 6 features

GTA Online datamine unearthed major GTA 6 features

GTA Online datamine unearthed major GTA 6 features


Leaks surrounding Grand Theft Auto VI indicate it will allow players to edit and customize the open world environment.

Grand Theft Auto VI is one of the most eagerly anticipated videogame releases ever, which should come as no surprise given Rockstar Games’ immense success with Grand Theft Auto V, now surpassing 180 million sales across Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms since release.

The next entry in this series aspires to be even bigger, boasting an expansive map filled with new and familiar areas to discover as well as brand new gameplay features and activities.

Leakers have pointed to an open world datamine as proof of what could become one of the stand-out features in an upcoming game: being able to edit or alter its open world at will – this would prove especially exciting for modders, roleplayers and roleplay enthusiasts.

At GTA Forums, insider Tez2 revealed similarities in code across Rockstar games like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption titles.

They shared scripts from Grand Theft Auto Online that had reportedly been composed using creator tools, with speculation suggesting some may carry over or already be present in Grand Theft Auto VI.

Tez2 mentioned how these new tools primarily functioned as level editors within the creator/UGC system to benefit designers; but had those tools been designed specifically for VI and simply backported to GTAO there may have been additional unforeseen advantages.”

So this means that players with regular accounts could use these tools and scripts in their gameplay scenarios to control where various NPCs go or what behaviors they display, among other uses.

Tez2 then continued his explanation by noting: “Here I could envision them engaging the role-playing community. Both Rockstar and Take-Two recognize its immense potential, so they wouldn’t want to pass up an opportunity if VI’s lifespan continues for another ten years or more.”

Though GTA VI may seem familiar to you now, its world could change significantly at our hands in 2025 if Rockstar doesn’t reveal or announce it first. Take-Two has hinted as much.

Hoping official news arrives later this year would help speed the wait-time between now and seeing one of the greatest games of this decade.

GTA Online datamine unearthed major GTA 6 features
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