Quake 2 Remaster Available Now

Quake 2 Remaster Available Now

Quake 2 Remaster Available Now


Hold on tightly: Quake II just received an unexpected and exciting remaster, available now to play!

Today marks an exceptional instance in which all the stars align for an exciting remaster announcement and its subsequent availability – but today may just be such a day!

Nightdive Studios have overseen this remaster on all platforms for everyone’s enjoyment.

Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC gamers alike can now quickly acquire this title on Game Pass; though any money exchanged would need to occur regardless of how it comes about! So while all three systems may provide this version at their leisure, only Xbox players truly stand to benefit as this subscription provides them with immediate access.

Nightdive’s tireless work resulted in this remaster boasting numerous improvements that include enhanced cinematics, enhanced animations and accessibility features – not forgetting its stellar soundtrack – Sonic Mayhem has also returned.

But Id Software doesn’t just stop with providing players with a remastered base game; similarly to what was done for Quake I remaster, they also included expansions that will expand on what players already knew – offering 33 additional campaign levels and 21 deathmatch multiplayer maps for an expanded experience. Plus ‘Call of the Machine’ brings even more campaign levels!

That is an incredible amount of gameplay – at such an unbeatably affordable price too!

Bethesda has done it again – not only by surprising fans with this sudden release but by doing all it can to ensure Starfield becomes an overwhelming success – such as offering free downloads prior to its official release date!

If you prefer playing games with friends instead of going it alone, every campaign is co-op-friendly. Online play with up to 16 people participating at once; local co-op play limits this to four people at most; still offering ample scope for social gamers among us!

Quake II can now be played on Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch and PCs (via Steam or Epic Games) for PS7.99 each.

Quake 2 Remaster Available Now
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