PlayStation has lost a big exclusive for 2023

PlayStation has lost a big exclusive for 2023

PlayStation has lost a big exclusive for 2023


Some wins, some losses. PlayStation has learned this lesson the hard way after news broke of significant delays to one of its exclusive console games.

It’s good to know that the game isn’t completely dead, but learning that Pacific Drivehas now been delayed to “early 2020” still comes as a blow to those who have been waiting patiently for its release this year.

Ironwood Studios announced that the game would launch in 2023, likely during Q4. The run-based game is a survival adventure that promises supernatural dangers, hostile environments and more. Since its announcement in 2013, gamers had marked this game for PlayStation or Windows. When Ironwood Studios announced their news, they were sad.

Ironwood Studios released a statement that began, “As the summer draws to a conclusion, we would like to announce that Pacific Drive will be pushed back to 2024.” This decision allows us to focus on making Pacific Drive as good as it possibly can, without compromising the health of the team. We’ve worked hard to bring this game to life and each day brings more features to the title we are all so proud of. It’s vital that, in this last stretch, we remain true to our values and do not compromise the well-being of the team.

The devs then went on to give a few more details, including upcoming features, trailers and other extras that were designed as a way of softening the impact of the bad news. While this news is certainly disappointing for PS gamers, it’s good to know that developers take pride in what they do and are willing to wait. It’s hard to forget the Cyberpunk 2107 fiasco.

Fans are embracing the new update despite the inevitable disappointment. They also show the same respect to the creators of Pacific Drive. There are a few Reddit threads about the delays, but no one has yet commented. If people were upset by this, they would have done so in earnest. It could be because many PS5 users are anticipating the Baldur’s Gate 3 release, and the developers have just put an end to yet another delay rumour.

Ironwood Studios made a wise decision by releasing BG3. They can spend more time on the game and maintain their mental health while PS5 players are able to lose themselves in a fantasy role-playing game. This is definitely a win for everyone.

Pacific Drive has been postponed until the first quarter of 2024.


PlayStation has lost a big exclusive for 2023
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