Starfield fans claim Bethesda has "outdone themselves" after a 12-month delay

Starfield fans claim Bethesda has “outdone themselves” after a 12-month delay

Starfield fans claim Bethesda has “outdone themselves” after a 12-month delay


The Opening Night Live Show at Gamescom presented a new Starfield Trailer, and it’s stunning.

The Gamescom Opening Show last night was successful, despite a surprise appearance by a “Bill Clinton Supporter”. This event featured new gameplay from titles such as Black Myth Wukong and Call Of Duty Modern Warfare III, along with announcements of new games.

Starfield stole the show, however. They aired a new trailer that featured stunning visuals. Many have commented on the graphics, pointing out that they are a vast improvement from what was displayed in 2021.

MartinTheTrue, a Reddit user, shared on the Starfield Subreddit a Comparison video, which shows the exact same scene from the June 2022 Trailer compared with yesterday’s trailer for 2023. The difference is astounding. The graphics are a huge improvement over the last showcase. Fans have expressed their delight at the difference and praised Bethesda, for giving it the additional development time needed.

One fan said, “Those helmets and suits have no business looking so cool.” The backpack handed off by Heller was a great moment. “That backpack hand-off from Heller (?) “I can see why they did it in 2022,” another said.

Everything looks more clear to read. It was a good contrast but the dramatic lighting made it difficult to read the people or the area. The overall look is good. Another comment said, “It’s crazy how different that scene looks after one year.” Bethesda “outdone themselves” according to one commenter.

There isn’t anyone who doesn’t seem excited for Starfield’s launch in a month. And if Galaxy looks even better than it did in the trailer yesterday, then space explorers are in for an amazing treat.

Starfield launches officially on Xbox Series X/S on the 6th of September, as well as digitally via Xbox Game Pass and on PC. You can play Starfield early access on September 1 if you bought the Constellation Edition.


Starfield fans claim Bethesda has “outdone themselves” after a 12-month delay
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