Armored Core 6: How to Beat the Juggernaut

Armored Core 6: How to Beat the Juggernaut

Armored Core 6: How to Beat the Juggernaut


The first of the major bosses that players will encounter during Armored Core 6 is the Juggernaut which is a huge tank-like MT in the course of “Operation Wallclimber.” After exploring the city below, and completing the checkpoint, using the Resupply Sherpa handed out from Handler Walter to refill your AC’s ammunition and health, you are then able to take on the primary opponent of the Wall which is Juggernaut.

The challenge against this gigantic beast may be intimidating, but the key is being aware of patterns, and looking for an opportunity to strike and be as violent as you can, while avoiding the risks of staying in too close. In the beginning of the game it will be aided by a second AC who is V.IV “Rusty,” and they will try to distract the Juggernaut to allow you to discern its weaknesses.

The front of the Juggernaut’s 180 degree is unaffected by any kind of melee, weapon damage or extended range. Any weapon shot in its front is bound to be bounced off cleanly. It is only from its rear and sides will the Juggernaut suffer any harm. Weapons that have large Stagger damage such as Bazookas as well as Linear Rifles excel in this combat because they are quick to stun the opponent, allowing them to inflict damage on the back of its head.

At the end of the battle, Rusty leaves the battleground so that you can fight the Juggernaut all by yourself. In this situation, it could be a challenge to keep a your situational awareness, however the boss is able to be identified by a identifiable attack pattern that is easily discernible. When you’re in a moderate space then the Juggernaut is likely to spin its wheels and then charge straight at you. It will leave an arc of flashing red mines which explode upon contact with the AC or even on their own within a couple of seconds. Once charged, the Juggernaut is able to spin and fire its massive cannons in quick intervals. The boss will inform you of this via a message in your HUD, try to stay clear of these shots when at a height as when they hit the ground, they can cause massive explosions that are difficult to escape. If you are closer, the Juggernaut may occasionally spin and create a large hole of mines right at the bottom of its wheels, stopping the player from advancing close enough to cause harm.

In order to strike the sides of the Juggernaut and then back to slash it with your weapon, utilize the Target Assist feature and keep the Juggernaut as tight as you can. Making use of Assault Boost and Quick Boost can allow you to flank this massive beast and later use every weapon that you can, hit the Juggernaut with a Stagger attack. When it is stunned make use of the AC’s blade or focus your attack the most you can in order to increase the amount of health you can take away from the boss. If you’re also utilizing an Vertical Missile in the shoulder slot, a few missiles may hit the boss’s back if you shoot at a moderate range however they’re not reliable for long-term destruction.

Another option is to climb across the Juggernaut and then attack it’s rear from the top once you’re on top of it. By hitting the boss from the back will result in the maximum Stagger damage, and allow players to get close on the harder hits.

Continue to fight, and make use of your ammunition with care, since this could be a long-lasting battle that could drag on for. Make sure to save your strongest shots until you are certain that you’ve got a huge chance to win and be the winner.

Armored Core 6: How to Beat the Juggernaut
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