Armored Core 6: How to Beat the Unknown Craft

Armored Core 6: How to Beat the Unknown Craft

Armored Core 6: How to Beat the Unknown Craft


In the beginning of Armored Core 6, you are likely to encounter a fairly straightforward mission called “Investigate BAWS ‘ Arsenal. 2.” The mission may be a lot, as you survey the site of a factory that is abandoned and learn where the security personnel and workers were. However, upon entering the building you’ll be attacked immediately by an invisible force that shoots high-powered lasers towards your AC. What can you do to fight an invisible force? Learn how to defeat the mysterious StealthMTs, also known as”Unknown Craft. “Unknown Craft.”

The first part of the mission, you’ll encounter two distinct kinds of mechs. They are one that shoots and the other which attack at a distance.

Shooters will start with firing shots at you from an extremely far distance and will be evidently identified by an alarm as well as the red arrow that appears on the HUD that indicates the direction that the shot will be taking, then you can easily spot them through the flashing blue light prior to their beam hitting the target.

To avoid being attacked, when you get the signal then perform a Quick Jump to the side, so that you can be able to avoid the attacker. Make sure you have a strong cover using cranes and massive structures to surround them from the side. It is also possible to make use of the AC’s Scan Pulse to locate them even when being cloaked when you’re away from their lines of sight. You can also prepare ambushes. In the event that you encounter the mechs directly They will attempt to blind you using Chaff grenades, and then shoot your at some distance. In order to stop them from fleeing you should use weaponry that inflict massive Stagger harm to knock them out, and then attack for death using the Blade If your AC comes with an equipped. If you are at near range, usually they will not be able to escape.

Attackers who are melee may be difficult to defeat since the “laser whip” weapon packs an enormous punch, however it is easily avoided by using the Quick Boost when you are able to spot certain telegraphs that indicate the direction of an attack. The majority of them will begin combat while invisibly and will try to take their feet on yours and if you can hit the Scan Pulse, you can spot them prior to when they attack you. Similar to shooters the swarmers are extremely vulnerable to massive Stagger injuries and could be swiftly defeated with just a couple of rapid hits from Blade’s charge.

The second part of the mission, the mission becomes more difficult. It is important to preserve your repair kits and ammunition since the second round of enemy is much more resilient in comparison to the first. If you dive into the deep well below, you’ll be attacked by a much more sophisticated Stealth MT that is close-range and three snipers positioned on the walls surrounding the room approximately halfway up. Close-range enemies, like the boss, is able to be defeated when your AC has been set to be a bit agile, with the Booster feature that is powerful however, keep an watch on your back since they can be sneaky and inflict a lot of damage. It could even slay your opponent with one quick swat with the whip.

Take care of the snipers sat in the area on the walls. They will fly into their heights and then your AC will be locked onto one when you’re near or using your Scan Pulse device to locate the snipers from a greater distance. If you fire at them when they’re in the wall and they are shocked and fall to the ground. Make sure you take them out quickly, before focusing on the enemy who is shielded and who is chasing your.

This brand new kind of MT features a function that is known as Pulse Armor it is an additional layer of protection which provides an extra level of defense against weapons or melee assaults and provides an increased resistance to overwhelming. It may seem like an impossible nut to break however Pulse Armor is easily wiped out rapidly by utilizing the use of a Pulse kind energy weapon such as the Pulse Blade handed to you when you start the game. You can also use the Pulse Gun available to be purchased through the Parts Shop. The most effective strategy is to continue firing at the opponent to reach the ACS Load Limit in order to to stagger the attack, which will allow you to cause the maximum damage and to break through the Pulse armor faster. When you have broken through the shield, standard firearms fire is likely to make the enemy a heap of wreckage.

Armored Core 6: How to Beat the Unknown Craft
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