Fortnite: Chapter 4 – Season 4: How To Unlock Ahsoka (UPDATED)

Fortnite: Chapter 4 – Season 4: How To Unlock Ahsoka (UPDATED)

Fortnite: Chapter 4 – Season 4: How To Unlock Ahsoka (UPDATED)


Fortnite is an incredible crossover device and what could be better pop culture machine to work to then Star Wars? There’s been plenty of Star Wars in Fortnite over time, from the iconic Vader to the forgotten characters from Rise of Skywalker, and the latest skin is coming that comes from the latest winner of their own show, Ahsoka.

First seen on the animated universe aspect that is Star Wars, Ahsoka made her live-action debut with The Mandalorian before eventually getting her own Disney Plus show, which is currently on air. She is a powerful Jedi recognized as a staunch warrior from the Clone Wars who became an exile, Rosario Dawson portrays the Ahsoka in live-action and the character she portrays will be appearing in Fortnite. What is the best way to unlock Ahsoka within Fortnite? Are you required to undergo an intense jedi course? The truth is, it’s much less difficult than the other.

To gain access to Ahsoka to unlock Ahsoka Fortnite it is necessary to purchase Chapter 4 – Season 4 Battle Pass. It is available for purchase with the Battle Pass can be purchased by using 950 V-Bucks or by signing up for Fortnite Crew, which also provides 1000 V-Bucks every month.

There’s no way to know what players need to buy other than the Battle Pass to unlock Ahsoka However, she’ll become available in later season, on the 27th of September 2023. She will be fulfilling that “secret skin” role in the Battle Pass that’s typically taken in collaboration skins including characters like Indiana Jones and Eren Yeager previously. The past experience has been that it took around a month for the skins to be accessible, often following the 2nd major update in the season. Therefore, patience is required.

Usually, after certain quests are made open, players need to be able to complete them in order to gain access the unique skin. There is no way to spend more V-Bucks in order to speed the process ahead. The players can complete further quests that unlock exclusive variations of the skin, along with additional cosmetics such as Back Blings as well as Pickaxes. Ahsoka most likely follows similar rules and if you’re desperate to get her into Fortnite, The best option is to hold off and finish the quests. When we have all the required quests for unlocking Ahsoka We will then complete this article with details you’ll need.

Keep in mind that Ahsoka is only accessible to those who buy the Battle Pass for Season 4 and she won’t be added into in the item Shop -at least until Epic creates a different version with different models, similar to what has been the case with previous hidden skins. If you’re worried that you’ll miss out, you don’t need to worry because you’ll get around 2 months of grind until she is released for unlock.

Fortnite: Chapter 4 – Season 4: How To Unlock Ahsoka (UPDATED)
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