Starfield devs confirm Xbox users get mod support

Starfield devs confirm Xbox users get mod support

Starfield devs confirm Xbox users get mod support


Bethesda’s Pete Hines has confirmed that it’s not only PC gamers who can join in modding excitement. Xbox will also receive Mod support after launch – and I’m barely able to keep my excitement in check.

Just a few hours away from the release of Starfield’s review embargo. This has already sparked plenty of discussion due to the fact that Bethesda appears to have removed code from several sources. As we wait for this Metacritic scores, we’re discovering new details regarding Starfield. Bethesda has revealed details about the massive day one patch as well as the initial fan-made mod been released.

If you’re curious, it’s a reference to sexuality. There is a growing concern among fans about certain aspects of the open-world aspects of the game however it’s a sea of excitement – particularly since we’ve learned Xbox Mod support will be coming soon.

Todd Howard previously teased that Starfield will become the “modder’s paradise”. Pete Hines then later added that modders will be capable of modding whole worlds and provide some insights into the possibilities of what could be accomplished. In a recent interview Hines confirmed that the mod feature will be coming to Xbox after launch.

When he was in the course of an interview in an interview with Vandal, Hines said, “There are going to be mods available after the launch. It’s not clear when that will happen however, they will be mods, just as we already have for PC and Xbox. You’ll also be able to utilize mods for both PC as well as Xbox.”

It’s something that’s sure to delight a large number of Xbox fans.I’m worried in the moment, that’s all we know regarding the game, however we do know that the feature is going to be available. I’m eager, but a bit anxious to see what mods the community is going to bring gamers. What will be the time frame before Shrek gets into the game? It could be a matter of moments.

Starfield devs confirm Xbox users get mod support
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