Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 players would like to see Eagle Flies, Rain Falls DLC


Red Dead Redemption 2 players would like to see Eagle Flies, Rain Falls DLC


Red Dead Redemption 2is without doubt one of the most memorable video games ever created. From its incredibly detailed and open world, to its outstanding acting and scripts It truly offers everything. However, there is a caveat but it’s a minor one.

Although it’s the fact that it is fast reaching the fifth anniversary of its release (with no plan for an upgrade to the next generation), Red Dead Redemption 2 simply doesn’t have post-launch support for single players. Yes, modders could be counted on to provide additional information and provide full-on visual overhauls however, beyond that it’s like Rockstar isn’t aware that the game’s existence.


Even though Rockstar does not have any plans to release a single-player DLC in the near future (and we’ll be honest likely never) Fans know precisely the kind of content they’d like. That’s not even counting the obvious option of Undead Nightmare 2..

At the top of the list for those who are hoping for Red Dead Redemption 2DLC is a fantastic concept: new stories centered upon Eagle Flies and Rain Falls.

If you do not be aware, Eagle Flies and Rain Falls are part of the Wapiti. Rain Falls is Chieftain of the tribe. Arthur Morgan rubs shoulders with both of them throughout a number in Red Dead Redemption 2’s principal story missions, especially when we are heading toward the end.

Evidently, though, the those who follow this dad-son team feel they are more interesting to talk about. Reddit member Akiens posted to the subreddit for games to post: “The Rain Falls and Eagle Flies saga is underrated one of my most favorite adventures from the stories mode.”

Jordaneleed said “I would’ve loved to have the possibility of a DLC that had more missions in these, I would’ve spent almost nothing for it,” as cainsdilema stated: “Agreed. I’d pay another 50-60 dollars for 10 to 15 hours in DLC.”

This is connected to a larger issue that requires greater representation in games obviously, and also is a reference to the notion the idea that Charles Smith should be the protagonist of Red Dead Redemption 3, or at most his own game.

Kansas_slim posted: “Would love a game featuring a local protagonist that is which is set prior to the time of is RDR2.” Famizofpower was in agreement, and added, “We need more native representation of games. If anyone can make this happen then it’s Rockstar. Their research into RDR is top-quality.”

Red Dead Redemption 2 players would like to see Eagle Flies, Rain Falls DLC
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