Baldur's Gate 3's capitalist killer is able to take out the game's most tanky boss with cash

Baldur’s Gate 3’s capitalist killer is able to take out the game’s most tanky boss with cash


Baldur’s Gate 3’s capitalist killer is able to take out the game’s most tanky boss with cash


After its release out of early access, Baldur’s Gate 3 has surpassed many expectations it has attracted a large quantity of people eager to play it for the full experience to provide on PC and PlayStation 3. PlayStation as well as Xbox coming soon to be following.

Although there was some controversy over some of the “cut contents” data miners believed that they’d discovered within the game’s data files the game has received an overwhelming appreciative reception. It also has modding scenes that are underway.


A few players are even exploring all kinds of strange speedruns as well as intriguing games to enhance their experience One player has recently added another challenge to perhaps the most bizarre sequence of boss kills that you’re likely to come across.

Reddit user GoldenThane GoldenThane, who’s rich-based walloping in Ketheric Thorm and the Apostle of Myrkul that we discussed earlier in the week, evidently felt they didn’t demonstrate the potential of profit sufficiently in this exchange. They’ve managed to defeat a rival probably even harder by using the same methods of money.

Like they did for Thorm They’ve created a thorough explanation, with pictures that show the steps completed, and how they snatched this latest goal, Raphael, and posted it on the Baldur’s Gate 3 subreddit.

To take down the devil-part, who has a staggering total of 666 health points inside his house GoldenThane shrewdly re-pricked 50k gold from the inventory of the boss, after which he slammed the boss by using the Twist of Fortune, a powerful attack that is boosted by the ‘Blood Cash the ability.

Like the time they killed of Thorm, this attack resulted in a massive blast of energy that GoldenThane credits to the attack that caused Raphael to “transcend from devil to the pure capitalist” as a result of Cull the Weak effect Cull the Weak effect being utilized “166 times simultaneously.”

Additionally, they have reported that they’ve succeeded in retrieving all the cash they had withdrawn from the remains of Raphael after they had stopped smoking which means that as long as they’ve not had enough with their capital-based culling some of the most powerful players in the game could keep going.

For those who might like to try an identical build They’ve also disclosed their method used to obtain the cash they was used in the process of executing the crime according to the following statement: “Vendors restock cash when they get higher. Then you reverse-reverse-pickpocket them.”

No matter if you’re making plans for a Baldur’s Gate 3 game that unleashes the potential of the open market with a vengeance be sure to keep an eye on our guides on the game’s construction, mechanics as well as the locations.

Baldur’s Gate 3’s capitalist killer is able to take out the game’s most tanky boss with cash
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