Starfield is awash with loading screens

Starfield is awash with loading screens. Starfield fans aren’t alone.

Starfield is awash with loading screens. Starfield fans aren’t alone.

Starfieldplayers have found they are increasingly disenchanted with the loading screens of the game, that many believe could be over the top for a game exclusively played on modern hardware.

We at GAMINGbible we’re huge fans of Starfield. In fact, we gave the game a rare 10-point rating in our evaluation, however I must admit that the loading screens can be… little excessive.

Much discussion has been generated concerning Starfield’s strategy for space exploration, with some dissatisfied that the experience isn’t the same as No Man’s Sky. We all know why this is the majority the time, Starfield’s contents are made by hand, not procedurally created. The ability to travel from planet to globe without loading screens be a major feat even in a brand-new game.

There’s a problem… all over in the world. There are loading screens in between the time you get on and off the ship and in the majority of building, loading screens after you are in elevators – they’re all over the place. It’s kind of a distraction in the real sense the players are beginning to realize the number of them.

” Starfield feels as if it’s been regressed from previous Bethesda titles,” writes Reddit user No-Dust-2105. “This game isn’t an open-world It handles the map more poorly that Skyrim as well as Fallout 4. In those games, it’s possible to walk around, Starfield is only a streaming of teleporting wherever you need the ability to go.”

“The greatest thing about building your own craft was that it allowed you to move through space on it.” the group agreed. Sonnenkreuz14 “But the reality is the fact that you’re stationary as well as teleporting to other planets and not really utilising it as an actual spaceship.”

A third person added: “I like the game quite a bit and believe that I’ll be spending 100 hours playing it before the end of the year. But the space vehicle feature is an enigma to me.. Is it because of the space vehicle? It’s just that I’m fast-traveling between every thing, isn’t doing it out of necessity. There’s nothing to make space travel feel like an natural, essential element of interaction for the user.”

Starfield is awash with loading screens. Starfield fans aren’t alone.
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