Starfield releases 'PlayStation 5 Thanks to players

Starfield releases ‘PlayStation 5 Thanks to players

Starfield releases ‘PlayStation 5 Thanks to players

Starfieldhas been released on PlayStation 5 thanks to the effort of all the fans. Sort of.

Starfield is now accessible worldwide with no restrictions. Aside from the normal reviews being bombed with each AAA launch these days Bethesda’s latest game has received an abundance of praise from critics. Here at GAMINGbible We gave the game a 10-point rating, and even the lower scores of other sources have failed to lower an remarkable Metacritic score. The game is less than Skyrim however, it is higher in comparison to Fallout 4.

One of the sad realities that comes with Starfieldis the fact that it’s not for PlayStation 5. What’s good? Certain fans have taken actions to rectify the situation… following the fashion.

One of the numerous modifications that are made available for Starfieldturns Bethesda’s space-based adventure into the PlayStation 5 game by… adding the Playstation Studios intro in at the beginning in the gameplay. This is the exact intro which you can get at the beginning of games such as Ghost Of Tsushimaand Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Incredible stuff. You can turn that mod on, take out your DualSense controller, and you could like play Starfieldon the PlayStation or something, isn’t it? It’s a bit like Starfield in some ways. A little. Maybe.

If you’re looking to take it an extra step then you could download the EASKATER PlayStation 5 Icons Mod that swaps Xbox buttons for PlayStation buttons. The extent to which some players will go to in order to make it appear as if that this game runs playing on PlayStation will be… actually pretty impressive.

In the event that Starfieldwill be able to be released in the world of PlayStation 5? It’s extremely likely. Both Bethesda as well as Microsoft have said they aren’t planning on making the game available to PlayStation’s console. With more than six million gamers already using PC as well as Xbox There’s there is no reason to come to PS5.

Starfield releases ‘PlayStation 5 Thanks to players
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