Starfield How To Locate Dysprosium

Starfield How To Locate Dysprosium

Starfield How To Locate Dysprosium


Dysprosium (or Dy) is a rare material that’s difficult to come by within Starfield’s large world. It is used to create powerful equipment and consumables, fund research and development projects, as well as to construct the structures.

The most effective method to obtain Dysprosium is to search for the moons and planets which contain the mineral. Because of the rarity of the resource it is difficult to find a large quantity of them. the ones you will find during your game are:

  • Voss (Alpha Centauri System)
  • Venus (Sol System)
  • Vega II-b (Vega System)

Dysprosium lies at the bottom in any one of these areas it is therefore, when you are in the area, take out your hand scanner in order to locate this resource with greater ease. Since it’s a Tier 3 exotic, it’s not difficult to locate, but should you find your source of the resource, you may be able to establish an outpost close by to harvest the resources.

This is the most efficient method to have a regular supply of Dysprosium to be ready to make use of it. Create storage containers that will increase the amount of product produced by this resource and to make the trips back worth it. There is always the option of selling any surplus to earn a some decent profits.

If you’re fortunate there are some during your journeys. For instance, the Mantis Lair Storage crate as an example, comes with Dysprosium in it to reward you with. These can be found on dead bodies or inside crates that are found in Starfield however it’s not the most reliable way to get them because these drops happen at randomly.

You can also buy Dysprosium from a variety of vendors throughout the solar system. The most accessible vendors include:

  • Jemison Mercantile (New Atlantis Spaceport)
  • Mining League (Neon)
  • Midtown Minerals (Akila City)

It is a quick and short-term solution to solve any crafting recipe which require Dysprosium. It can be purchased at large amounts from any of these sellers for a simpler process in case you require a significant quantity.

Starfield How To Locate Dysprosium
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