Starfield where to find Vanadium

Starfield where to find Vanadium

Starfield where to find Vanadium

Vanadium (or V) is a very rare Tier 2 mineral that is located throughout Starfield’s 1,000 planets. It is important to search the stars to locate this precious metal, since it’s utilized in a range of recipes for crafting, such as and not just modifications to spacesuits and weapons habitat structure, upgrade of ships.

It’s not necessary to travel far to locate it. Vanadium is found in a myriad of moons and planets near to the point where you begin the game of Starfield. Here’s a list of places that are easy to access and house Vanadium.

  • Grimsey (Narion Systems)
  • Zamka (Alpha Centauri System)
  • Voss (Alpha Centauri System)
  • Belwah (Cheyenne System)
  • Tau Ceti I (Tau Ceti System)

It is possible to scan these moons and planets to determine what sources they’ve got. If they’ve got the symbol V, with two stars on it, under the tab for resources, then it’s a good sign.

After landing in one of these spots If you are at one of these locations, it is recommended to pull the hand scanner out to examine the terrain. It will display all available sources, making it simpler to find them at the far distance.

If you spot the Vanadium deposit, take out your Cutter and begin mining off. It will then be added to your stock.

If you need a lot of Vanadium then why you not put up an outpost adjacent to the Vanadium vein? Then, placing the extractor you require above will create the mineral over time. The installation of storage containers will boost the amount of resources available and make it more valuable once you return after your journey around your journey through the Milky Way and beyond.

As a temporary strategy You can buy Vanadium from a reliable vendors. A few easy-to-find suppliers that sell Vanadium are as follows:

  • Jemison Mercantile (New Atlantis Spaceport)
  • Mining League (Neon)
  • Midtown Minerals (Akila City)

Loot crates and enemies also are likely to drop Vanadium and you could encounter some during your journeys. Make sure you take it to make it available for sale or to use it for your own use.

Starfield where to find Vanadium
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