Starfield: Where Can You Locate Biosuppressants

Starfield: Where Can You Locate Biosuppressants

Starfield: Where Can You Locate Biosuppressants


In the course of your travels in Starfield, there’s a chance that you’ll encounter a mission that requires not one but three Biosuppressants that are it’s likely that you’ll end up being skint. The problem is that the resource is difficult to obtain. This is the complete guide for obtaining the precious mineral.

Biosuppressant is a unique Tier 3 resource throughout the universe of Starfield. This resource can be utilized to create a myriad of recipes such as weapon modifications and outposts.

Biosuppressants are an organic source which means you cannot extract them or cultivate them as they can be with minerals. You should instead get a weapon or sword and begin harvesting the substance from the wildlife which are found on many moons and planets throughout the solar system. Crates and enemies that you collect are also likely to give this item away.

The problem is that this is an extremely rare item therefore the odds of it happening are quite low. If you’re not interested in eliminating all life on the universe, there are other options to get the item.

The people you travel with may give you gifts when you’re on your journeys. They will usually inform you that they’ve got something to give you at random times when you’re near them. If you talk to them, an additional dialogue feature will open for you to decide what they discover.

In some cases it is possible to receive Biosuppressant products, for instance the above flower. While this isn’t an exact method of delivery however, it is impossible to predict will happen to the result of your present.

The best solution is to get the item from a few vendors within the standardized system. You will get the exact product you want without any hassle.

Below are some companies that offer Biosuppressants are available early in the game.

  • Jemison Mercantile (New Atlantis Spaceport)
  • Denis Averin (Cydonia/Mars)

There are many other Biosupressant places in the world therefore be sure to start looking around.

Starfield: Where Can You Locate Biosuppressants
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