Starfield: Where to Locate Hallucinogen

Starfield: Where to Locate Hallucinogen

Starfield: Where to Locate Hallucinogen


Hallucinogen It’s an uncommon tier 2 resource that you’ll find on your travels through Starfield. This is an organic substance that is utilized in a variety of crafting recipes that can make you stronger.

In contrast to minerals, Hallucinogens are not mined, but can be sourced from organic life forms that are found throughout the world. As a result, with around 10% of the stars in Starfield being home to organic life forms and a variety of organic life forms, it can be difficult to locate this substance.

If you are looking to travel, Akila is home to numerous bizarre animals, many that drop the hallucinogen resource after being defeated. Celebrai II within the Celebrai system has a variety of predatory animals that can drop the resource after being killed.

If you open your scanner when searching for the moon or planet with life on it You’ll need to look at 100% of a creature to determine what materials they might shed.

There are several abilities that can help move this procedure along. The surveying skill is excellent to scan flora and fauna farther away, which allows you to keep away from any potential predators. The Zoology skill can help to reduce scan times and will give you a more efficient percentage each when you are scanning a species.

In addition, Terrormorphs have a chance of shedding Hallucinogens which is why you should be careful when it comes to this. Be realistic. Not just is the chance of dropping dependent on destiny, but combating this 6-legged monster is bound be a disaster for the majority of.

If culling the aliens of Starfield does not appeal to you, then consider purchasing Hallucinogen for an approach that is short-term. There are only a handful of retailers that carry Hallucinogen, so make sure to stock up as fast as you have the chance. A few easy-to-find vendors that will be found early on in the game include:

  • Jemison Mercantile (New Atlantis Spaceport)
  • Denis Averin (Cydonia/Mars)
  • Midtown Minerals (Akila City)
  • Mining League (Neon)

The purchase of Hallucinogen in large quantities is the best method to obtain this drug because farming it may be challenging.

Starfield: Where to Locate Hallucinogen
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