Mushoku Tensei Season 2: Conflicted Heart

Mushoku Tensei Season 2: Conflicted Heart

Mushoku Tensei Season 2: Conflicted Heart

From the very beginning of Season 2 viewers have become aware of the identity of Fitz as Sylphiette Sylphiette, and they’ve been anxiously waiting for Sylphiette to divulge her true identity to Rudeus at the time they began their relationship at the Ranoa University of Magic. While he may not be aware the fact that he’s with an former childhood pal, Rudeus’ relationship with Sylphie has grown greater than ever and the fans know that there will be love to blossom between them.

However, Sylphie has done her best to conceal her identity from Rudeus mostly out of fears that Rudeus isn’t feeling for her in the same way that she feels for her. The events of this week’s episode on Mushoku Tensei resulted in Rudeus to discover that Sylphie is unable to turn back. There are only a handful of episodes remaining in the season there is a good chance the two Rudeus and Sylphie will soon be reunited.

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Sylphie’s Struggles

While Sylphie strolls along alongside Ariel and Luke, as she walks with Princess Ariel as well as Luke as she walks, she observes Rudeus conversing with Elinalise and Cliff. It is a surprise to her by the fact that Rudeus isn’t yet into a marriage, and believes that because she is Fitz her, she’s not able to make herself a special friend for Rudeus. Since Rudeus having a more intimate relationship with Nanahoshi Sylphie is beginning to feel lonely and jealousy take hold of her heart and she begins to question whether she’ll be able to divulge her true who she is to Rudeus.

However, Rudeus has nearly spent all of his time in the University although a lot of his schedule hasn’t changed, there have been many adjustments. Rudeus His triumph over Badigadi is spreading to students around him as he has gained the respect of anyone who is not within the class for special students. Rudeus keeps attending classes, socialize with his classmates and is able to assist Nanahoshi to conduct her summoning research. While his role in the research is simply channeling mana into the circles she designs however, the method of summoning mass that she’s using means that she’s using up a lot than her allotted time. When he is done with the day the task of teaching Julie to draw models, Rudeus realizes that he was unable to spend long in the company of Fitz recently.

A Strange Encounter

A letter is delivered to Rudeus via Sol from Stepped Leader his former comrade who he met during his adventures. Sol states that he’ll visiting town for a family gathering, and would like to meet his old friend Rudeus. Rudeus is able to meet Sol as well as the other Stepped Leader members Stepped Leader at a bar and is joined by Elinalise as well as Cliff. The members reminisce on their adventures as Sol wonders about the possibility of Elinalise being a steady companion with her lover. Then, Sol is called away to another gathering and offers Rudeus goodbye. Elinalise Meanwhile, Elinalise has planned to teach Cliff how to navigate in the field of adventure which is why Rudeus is able to go back to his college by himself.

When he is walking around the city to get to his return, Rudeus encounters Luke and Fitz walking along the streets. Rudeus is friendly with them, however Fitz seems to be a bit guarded around his body. Luke is trying to justify his actions by saying that Fitz can’t speak while they are guarding their highness However, Rudeus is skeptical. Believing that it is a shame Fitz isn’t able to respect him like the way he does, Rudeus searches for someone to speak to, but is unable to locate anyone willing to be willing to listen.

Then Rudeus decides to head to the library. Here, the library is where he finds Fitz being normal. Rudeus asks Fitz on what happened while in town, but Fitz insists that he can’t talk when in the open with Princess Ariel. As Fitz’s behavior changes, Rudeus deduces that the Fitz who he saw in the city was in fact Princess Ariel as she was disguised in disguise as Fitz to allow her to wander in the town and not be noticed. Satisfied to know that Fitz doesn’t suddenly hate his behavior, Rudeus begins to realize that he views Fitz as more than being a friend or teacher.

The Cure

Mushoku Tensei Season 2: Conflicted Heart

Rudeus starts to feel immersed in thoughts of Fitz until the point that he can’t imagine something else. Rudeus recognizes that his thoughts stem from love but he’s a little disturbed by the fact that he has thoughts of a different man. In the end, Rudeus begins to wonder about the possibility that Fitz having a different gender and is determined to learn more. He speaks to Jenius regarding Fitz however, he discovers that the man is unable to disclose any information about his background. He maintains that he’s male.

In the midst of stressing about this issue at the library Rudeus gets a shock when Fitz as he walks up from behind. His shock causes him to fall over and Fitz gets on top of his body, trying to prevent him from being thrown off. They make physical contact. Rudeus is aware that Fitz is actually female. But, Fitz fervently denies it and runs into. But, Rudeus is certain he is right and realizes that his impotence may have been relieved, but just for a brief period of time. Convinced the fact that Fitz has a reason to conceal her gender Rudeus is determined to take things slow with her since he is aware that she’s the answer to eliminating his impotence to be rid of it permanently.

Mushoku Tensei Season 2: Conflicted Heart
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