Starfield mod is designed

Starfield mod is designed to make the game much more enjoyable

Starfield mod is designed to make the game much more enjoyable

The majority of dedicated Bethesda players who’ve put hundreds of hours in Skyrim along with Fallout 4 were eagerly awaiting the opportunity to dig deep into Starfield.

If you’ve paid early access or plunged in on Sept. 6th, chances are that you’ve played through several assignments and engaged in many hilarious adventures.

Whatever you’re looking for, whether Thomas the Tank Engine or customizable user interface elements Modding the game’s scene has already produced many great projects which can enhance your experiences on the planet. A new one should be checked out If you’re not sure if that your player gets the right reward with the rewards they deserve for the hard work they put into.

Are you of the opinion that Starfield might be a little too forgiving in the distribution of XP?

The mod is referred to as ‘ Rewarding Activities It is the creation the modder Darthrispal. The goal of the mod is straightforward: to boost your XP you get from finding new places as well as picking locks as well as upgrading your the equipment.

“I think the experience is poorly balanced in Starfield,” Darthrispal states in the description of the mod. “The ideal way to move up is to eliminate the creatures of a faraway planet or other planets. Other activities earn too little experience points, according to my experience. The mod also rewards the other things we can do in playing.”

There are currently three different versions of the mod: simple reward, medium reward as well as high reward, to select from. These all boost XP increases that are given along with a complete list of the activities that it impacts with different levels.

In this case, for example, finding the location of a marker in your map using the base version the mod could earn the player 80 XP. This exceeds the 20 XP that you can earn for similar activities with the original game but much smaller than the 200 XP you’d receive in the version with a higher reward.

The game also appears to have four versions. Each version has the ability to alter the amount of XP you’ll be given upon successfully completing your task or killing an opponent There are four options available, including sticking with the default values or up to doubling their value.

If you want, you could modify the settings even more If you’re comfortable with dipping inside the INI file and altering texts for different XP gain directly. However, it’s probably not a good idea to do unless you’re an experienced and seasoned modding expert.

You could encounter a lot of dull and boring planets while exploring the universe However, for the moment at least you’ll get the chance to get paid in a progression-wise manner in exchange for your work.

Starfield mod is designed to make the game much more enjoyable
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