Starfield players are already making DLC
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Starfield players are already making DLC lists, with work mechs being the most important item on their list.

Starfield players are already making DLC lists, with work mechs being the most important item on their list.

The majority of hardcore Bethesda RPG players who have invested many hours of their lives into Skyrim or the Fallout 4 game could not wait for the opportunity to fly towards Starfield.

No matter if you purchased early access, or got into the game on the 6th of September If you’ve stayed clear of playing mods and mods, then you’ve probably played through several tasks and created your persona into a tough space-man.

It certainly has many things to explore and experience as well, with a handful of players having even built the shape-shifting spaceship or even swam through an icy lake made from real milk. Although it appears that we’re only beginning to explore what’s available within the game’s base Some players are contemplating DLC.

Have you begun contemplating what you would like to see in Starfield’s DLC have you started thinking about what you want to see from Starfield’s DLC yet?

The cosmonauts who are content-hungry have started brainstorming ideas on a thread in the Starfield subreddit. The thread was opened by CT-4426. of worms and asked what they would like to see from confirmed or not yet announced Shattered Space extension as well as any potential sequels that might follow.

The top item and mechanical items shared in a number of list of wishes that have been posted in this thread is the possibility of piloting mechs such as the rusty Colony War relics you can find as you travel through in the galaxy. There have been suggestions that these might be smaller suit, comparable as Fallout’s power armor, so as to avoid the laws that are on the table to prevent the use of robotic weapons.

Regarding story lines the majority players appear to be deciding that the Great Serpent and its worshipping House of Va’ruun has been established in the base game in order to be the major protagonist for an expansion, which is expected to allow them to be fleshed out further. However there are some who want another Colony War to break out for the sake of spiceing the proceedings.

There are many who would like to have an additional reason to create outposts through the possibility of turning into bigger or more intricate settlements or through a narrative like those in the “Gold Rush scenario” suggested by user yoolov within the thread. This could see players being rewarded for their efforts to compete for extremely rare valuable resources.

Meanwhile some players in the thread share more basic needs, including the introduction of a dogmeat-like pet be part of your group and go for walks on planets that are becoming very well-known. If you’ve started to plan out how you’d want to be able to see Starfield change in the future, be sure to keep an eye on us to find a wealth of information for the game’s players, mechanics and the quests.

Starfield players are already making DLC lists, with work mechs being the most important item on their list.
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