The Cyberpunk 2.0 patch is that big
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The Cyberpunk 2.0 patch is that big that devs have recommended starting an entirely new game

The Cyberpunk 2.0 patch is that big that devs have recommended starting an entirely new game

In case we were in need of an additional massive game today, Cyberpunk is getting better than ever thanks to a updated update called Patch 2.0. The update is basically rebuilding the Cyberpunk progress system from the base and for the fact that it is a complete rebuild, CDPR has recommended that you begin a fresh save in order to benefit from the brand new content that was added to patch 2.0. This Cyberpunk 2.0 patch is that big that CDPR recommends starting with a brand new game.

There’s been many updates to Cyberpunk during the last 3 years, but none compares to the singular overhaul Patch 2.0 is bringing. If you’re curious in the update, here’s an extensive overview of the new update to view for your enjoyment.

CD Projekt RED has suggested that you start a new save after the patch 2.0 comes out to Cyberpunk 2077.
The Cyberpunk 2.0 patch is huge enough that the creators actually suggested to players begin a new game once they have received the most current patch. It’s great that they’ve put out a patch at no cost which is so revolutionary that they suggest you begin playing again to take every benefit of the patch. But what happens if you do not wish to? Have you poured many hours into a saved file and you don’t wish to begin all over again?

The announcement made by CDPR posted on its Twitter stated that you could actually continue to save the save you’re currently in, however it is recommended to start from scratch. Then, recently Starfield pulled one of my accounts and I was unable to save several hours of progress. I was furious. It’s not identical, however losing progress is a pain no matter the root cause.

The update will be huge, but will it be enough to justify us all switching over the save game data and losing our progress? Although I’m aware that it’s not necessary, but the developers from CD Projekt RED definitely recommended this for some justification.

However Cyberpunk has been upgraded every day since its launch almost three years ago and the latest update is completely free. Does it seem like enough of a success to be forced to hand around a new feature for an improved game? If you look at it, it’s as if Cyberpunk 2077 has been in Early Access this whole time The game has finally arrived here.It is priced at around the full version of the game it was only 3 years back. Do you agree? Are you happy over the latest update? Are you worried about being able to lose all your progress?

The Cyberpunk 2.0 patch is that big that devs have recommended starting an entirely new game
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