Warzone teams up with Diablo to create The Haunting event

Warzone teams up with Diablo to create The Haunting event

Warzone teams up with Diablo to create The Haunting event

Warzone: The Warzone world is not a stranger to collaborations between the worlds of films and television as well as other video game series. The range of collaborations spans from playable Operators as well as in-game events the Call of Duty battle royale is often a highlight of crossovers to allow players to join the action for fun.

The focus is now on the start season 6 Season 6 Players look forward to the Halloween party as well as a variety of coming improvements which will make a difference to the inability to see the target while firing on opponents.

Following the release of several information about what’s new for the season coming up, Activision has revealed the battle royale game will be joining teams with Blizzard’s Diablo game series.

Warzone adds Diablo-themed Operators

In celebration of the crossover event, Inarius and Lilith from Diablo 4 will appear as playable operators, along with a brand-new game-specific event in which players are able to battle The Butcher when they play an epic battle royale.

A new Call of Duty blog article informing the public about the collaboration says: “Demonic altars have also been constructed within Vondead which is believed to be a source of power to the activities, and connected somehow to the terrifying entity that is which is referred to in legends and mythology in the form of The Butcher.”

If you’re willing to fight The Butcher, Activision says that players are able to “reap the benefits” when they defeat The Butcher. Specific details about the rewards aren’t available yet however we’d like they’ll likely include weapons, ammunition and other equipment that will aid you on your way to the victory.

As you can see from the comments posted on the blog post There are many players who are eagerly anticipating getting involved in Diablo crossover. One commented: “You guys sucked me back into the game with this!” A third added: “I can’t freakin’ be waiting for this.”

The Haunting event begins the 17th of October as part Season 6 Reloaded. Season 6 Reloaded update, that is believed to be the last release of content for the season ahead of the launch in Modern Warfare 3.

If you’re looking for more Call of Duty, take an interest in our guide that showcase the most effective Signal 50 loadout as well as the top SMG for battles in close range.

Warzone teams up with Diablo to create The Haunting event
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