GTA 6 speculation spikes rockstar's

GTA 6 speculation spikes rockstar’s Moon Festival image drops clues

GTA 6 speculation spikes rockstar’s Moon Festival image drops clues

A few days after reports were circulating regarding the date for release of the Rockstar’s GTA 6. and the creators of the franchise’s global reach have shared a tweet regarding a forthcoming promotion in GTA Online. The picture is creating an uproar, considering that it can easily be read as the teaser trailer for GTA 6, the upcoming chapter of the series.

Although nothing is officially confirmed according to the game’s creators it might be the first even if it’s a subtle hint of the title that is highly anticipated. If this is indeed the case it’s possible that we won’t be waiting too long before we get something official in our hands.

Two tweets resulted in GTA fans at a high speed

On September 25, a video game insider Chris Marxx posted a tweet that sent the social media off its tracks in a claim that he can declare that the date for the announcement to launch GTA 6 would be October 26th 2023. Although no reliable sources can be found for this announcement, and the announcement has not been officially released by Rockstar, however, the announcement has created some excitement in gamers. This was the case until Rockstar themselves put out an appropriate promo.

Four days after, on the 29th of September Rockstar released the announcement that they’re offering a promo to celebrate Moon Festival. Moon Festival and players could get a free Red Happy Moon Tee when they choose to play the online version of their spinoff. However, it is the specifics of the photo but they are what’s creating all the controversy.

The photo shows a man and a female person standing in front of the famous Vinewood sign at night. The thing that makes this image interesting is that the light at the bottom of the display conveniently displays the word “VI”. The two details mentioned are relevant, since the following GTA game, the 6th (VI) game which is believed to have two figures two males and one woman.

In the present, it’s impossible to know whether the two tweets were pure coincidence or otherwise. There are people who believe that the rumorr of an announcement date is an utter flimsy rumor, which could be equally plausible given that there aren’t any reliable sources.

Could this be the beginning of a subtle phase of Rockstar’s advertising campaign, or merely heard-say? It’s only time to find out and as news is released, we’ll let everyone be aware.

GTA 6 speculation spikes rockstar’s Moon Festival image drops clues
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