Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty – How to unlock the new ending

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty – How to unlock the new ending

In the context of it is a CD Projekt Red game, it was not a surprise that Cyberpunk 2077 first came out with a variety of endings, the majority of which were extremely depressing. The release of Phantom Liberty, the sole expansion to Cyberpunk which appears to complete the redemeption storyline gamers will have an opportunity to experience an entirely new ending to V although there are some actions you must complete to obtain the latest Phantom Liberty ending.

There are a variety of paths gamers can choose to unlock various variants of the ending of Phantom Liberty with small choices which could affect the whole situation. This is why we only give some general guidelines on how to unlock the brand new endgame in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty from our experience.

For those who want to cut the long answer shorter, you can unlock the ending of Phantom Liberty by siding with Reed over So Mi in the DLC’s subsequent missions. This is how we got it unlocked during Phantom Liberty; you may have to follow slightly different routes to unlock the final chapter. Below is the breakdown of what we did:

– In the quest Firestarter assist So Mi to escape the stadium, and then commit a crime against Reed. So Mi is going to be severely weakened as she overloads the AI and you’ll be required to take her into safety during the battle in the stadium. Then she will go to an automobile and contact your after a couple of days.

Then, So Mi eventually calls after 3 days waiting with a weak state and then you’ll be in a position to begin with the Killing Moon mission. In it, you will travel to the NCX and attempt to make a getaway to some scientists/netrunners who can help you both to escape death by rewiring AI on the neural matrix.

After you have led her through the airport, while fighting NUS forces led by Reed and the president Myers, Mi is using you as a intermediary to bring down the Blackwall upon those in the force which will put Mi on the brink of dying. When you embark on an excursion on a tram to get to the vehicle you must be able to escape, Mi will admit she was lying, and her cure will be applied to one of the people you are with, and specifically on her.

In this moment you have the option to aid So Mi or hand her over to Reed as Johnny’s advice, or discuss the possibility of removing the treatment from So Mi and for V to undergo the procedure instead. Reed is willing to accept an extremely sick So Mi to you and after which he will inform you that there is to hear from him in the near in the future.

After a long wait, Reed calls V and wants to talk briefly, and Reed tells V that the process is going to mean Johnny will completely wipe. He promises to follow up after a second day is over. One day later, Reed calls and you request to meet him on top of Misty’s Esoterica and at that point you are able to continue, opt to go away to complete a new ending following an exchange with Johnny. It is also possible to text to a few of your buddies (optional however the situation doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon) in the event that you get collected and transported to Langley for treatment.

However, you must not forget to have an unintentional chat with Johnny while you’re on your way He will be reacting different based on the relationship you have throughout the match. We were annoyed that we weren’t upset about the fact that we were effectively taking him down, but he also acknowledged that we’d have been unhappy had the situation gone our way. While the doctor is administering certain drugs, Johnny disappears while he gazes out at Night City one final time.

After a prolonged sleep and successful surgery following a successful surgery, it’s time to begin the Things Done Changed mission will start when V wakes up and learns through Reed that 2079 is the year 2079the year they’ve been in a coma for the past two years. Reed will also tell V that they are unable to anymore use the majority of their implants, and that they are likely to be in a weak state through the remainder of their lives, however they’ll live to see. Reed leaves after giving V an opportunity to work, since they are no longer able to live the lifestyle they once did.

Following a couple of calls to friends but none of them go so good, V returns to Night City to talk Vik. Vik He advises V that Misty has gone home. Following an analysis, Vik confirms that there’s no way to get V’s implants back and they leave together. When they are leaving for home to the taxi, V is attacked by a pair of street rats, and then blacks out. After waking up, V encounters Misty with an updated look (and Jackie’s coat) she informs V that they’re going into the Polish forest. They hug each other as Misty takes off in a cab and leaves V to vanish among the people at Night City before the credits start to roll.

– At the end of the final credits you might receive holo-calls to those you’ve encountered along the journey through Night City, but it is contingent on a variety of factors like how intimate you remained with them and the paths you followed in the past, and if they’re living today. We had a romantic relationship with Panam as an example but after Panam didn’t return all of our calls, Mitch phoned us to inform us she didn’t wish to talk with us again after our disappearance for two years. It was pretty brutal!

Be aware that they are identical to the actions we used in order to unlock the latest ending of Phantom Liberty. There is a possibility that you can get it by partnering with Reed in the beginning, however since each of the endings in the massive DLC in Phantom Liberty takes many hours following the Firestarter mission We’ve seen that difficult to confirm.

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty – How to unlock the new ending
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