El Paso, Elsewhere (PC) REVIEW – Love Bites

El Paso, Elsewhere (PC) REVIEW – Love Bites

The aftermath of a break-up could be a difficult experience even in the most ideal of occasions. Many people that are experiencing it, it’s about sitting on the couch, listening to a depressing music playlist on Spotify and devouring plenty meals of comfort foods. In the case of James Savage in El Paso and Elsewhere in the United States, his breakup with the vampire-lord Draculae was the reason he moved to a motel located in near-by Texas for the purpose of stopping her from triggering an ancient ritual that may result in the demise all of humanity. There are some break-ups that are more painful than others, however in the case of thrilling old-fashioned games El Paso, Elsewhere is definitely worth a look.

An Max Payne inspired shooter from the people on Strange Scaffold, El Paso, Elsewhere perfectly blends supernatural terror simple, yet dynamic and entertaining gameplay with the kind of storytelling you’d expect from a game that has noir-inspired elements. Although it’s not the flawless game in terms of the variety of gameplay and issues with pacing but it’s a thrilling trip through addiction, love and the struggle to overcome abuse, that’s definitely worth taking a peek at.

The main focus of the film, and the primary motivation behind why you’ll be there until the end of the game the main character, James Savage himself. In his actor, he has a lot of depth to his character and there are many scenes which show how his self-esteem and confidence are shattered throughout the years, whether through his own fears or external influences particularly his lover Draculae.

Their bond is one of the more complex and intricate relationships that you will discover in games. Savage himself was one of the victims of Draculae’s crimes even though his journey to the bottom of Hell to prevent Draculae from destroying the world, he’s seeking out something positive about her. All because of “one positive day” they had. Savage was able to stay in the hopes that the person who abused him could become more tolerant, and all because they showed they were capable of being at least once. That’s about as tragic as it gets and as real as it gets in a contest that involves shooting vampires and werewolves right in the face using the boomstick.

Additionally, El Paso, Elsewhere is extremely well-written and performed every cutscene or conversation with Savage giving us a brand new line as well as a personal moment of self-deprecation or humorous observations. Also, the collectibles and other additional content are great even though they are at the other end of the spectrum. The radio show Pill Cop or a car advertisement for a salesman about a person who has no automobiles because a tornado was able to pass through are only a few examples of absurd moments that bring a little laughter during some of the more intense moments in the game.

Naturally, the tale about El Paso, Elsewhere would be nothing if it were just a Max Payne homage with rubbish gameplay, however Strange Scaffold nailed it in this regard as well. The variety of weapons they provide all are enjoyable using and the tommy gun, shotgun and the rifle being among the best. Shooting doingdging, rolling, and reducing time are all included, which gives the advantage during fights when you’re being surrounded by every side. Slow-mo is a must as well as nailing headshots do remain relevant.

There are a few problems with the game that could cause an issue for certain players people, with the absence of variety in the enemy types is the most prominent problem. In contrast to Max Payne, there’s no gun-toting goons, and instead you’re fighting types of creatures and monsters, however, with just six normal enemies, a miniboss and two real bosses. Levels begin becoming repetitive over time. In later levels, you’ll be thrown into the players at each other, and maybe a different type of game would have been more enjoyable.

In addition it’s also a bit odd, in the sense that you’re spending the initial two-thirds of the game preparing for the biggest fight that finally occurs, but with 12 to 15 levels be revealed, with the same challenges to players as well as enemies and weapons. The amount of time you spend with characters of these levels is excellent, but as a game from a perspective of gameplay it’s as if El Paso, Elsewhere begins to annoy you by the point of.

With a few filler levels, however, El Paso, Elsewhere is a game that is sure to be remembered by players for quite a while regardless of the low-poly graphics that push the Max Payne nightmare levels to new heights or the amazing story writing, or the intriguing gameplay. If you’re in search of an indie game to take pleasure in throughout this busy season of AAA games, El Paso, Elsewhere is a good choice.

El Paso, Elsewhere (PC) REVIEW – Love Bites
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