EA Sports FC 24 fans angry

EA Sports FC 24 fans angry at the price of the ‘pay-to-win Loot Box’ for launch

EA Sports FC 24 fans angry at the price of the ‘pay-to-win Loot Box’ for launch

EA has caused a stir yet again, as players are upset over a loot container referred to by a large portion of the public as “pay-to-win”. EA is well-known for dropping loot boxes in their sports games. They repeatedly did this when they released FIFA Ultimate Team, but the most expensive ones were released a few days after the game began to launch. These boxes fell before the game was released.

Despite the ongoing debate over loot boxes, EA has deemed the need to incorporate them into the latest football title, EA Sports FC24. The success of Ultimate Team meant the game mode would be included in the newest game. With it come loot boxes of randomly selected players employed to construct a strong team.

Why hahas the crowd been so upset about the “Elite Season Opener” packs? The loot boxes contain strong player cards that make you the best team. It is available at the price of $30. You can purchase this pack using either Ultimate Team coins (a currency gained in the game) or 3,500 FC points (a premium currency purchased using actual cash).

It’s not just costly, especially since players are likely to have paid more than 60 dollars to play the game, and cannot purchase 3,500 FC points for the price of one. The nearest is 2,800.

Reddit, U/towfoon furiously said, “There is no way it should be normalized for people to spend that amount of money on a game which is already overpriced.” Some players are unimpressed that EA charges such an amount for a game that is only available for one year.

The critical thing to remember is that the cards cannot be sold to the public also. In essence, EA seems to be declaring that to have an adequate team in Ultimate Team straight after release, the players must spend close to 100 dollars.

EA Sports FC 24 fans angry at the price of the ‘pay-to-win Loot Box’ for launch
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