American Pie slammed as 'deeply troublesome'

American Pie slammed as ‘deeply troublesome’ by teenagers who were viewing the film for the first-time

American Pie was slammed as ‘deeply troublesome’ by teenagers viewing the film for the first time.

We had all watched films like American Pie movies when we were not adults. However, there is a sense that teenagers nowadays find film sexy comedy “deeply problematic”.

In the beginning, with the film American Piereleasing in 1999 and followed by three subsequent instalments, the sexy comedy series became a symbol of passage for adolescents in their teens during the 2000s. Because of scenes involving an affair with hot apple pies (ouch) and several bodily fluids, it’s not surprising that many people are traumatized. While we all remember the famous Jennifer Coolidge as Stifler’s Mom and relive our favourite images from school, teenagers nowadays are less than satisfied.

Gen-Z teens are discussing their opinions about Gen-Z teenagers have expressed their views about the American Pie franchise, branding the franchise “deeply problematic”. In an upcoming 2020 Vice interview, a test took place asking teens to go back and watch films from the past like Clueless, Bring It On and, of course, American Pie.

About the former, a student said, “The only thing the male characters care about is having sex. They’re willing to say and do whatever to convince the girls to have sex with them. I don’t know if that was realistic when the film came out, but I think men treat women with much more respect and equality now.”

It is a given that many of us who grew up as teenagers in the 2000s weren’t aware of sexual harassment or sexism in the media. We were aware that the protagonists were losers, but it added to the fun of it. Enjoyable. Generation Z teenagers, however, have a greater awareness of feminist issues in society, and this can be seen in their opinions regarding the movies at the moment. A teenager who was part of the test even described American Pie as “bordering on incel attitudes. If you were a teenage boy watching this, you’d feel entitled to behave however you wanted to towards women.”

American Pie slammed as ‘deeply troublesome’ by teenagers who were viewing the film for the first-time
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