The voice of Charles Martinet
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The voice of Charles Martinet, who will replace Super Mario’s voice, was confirmed

The voice of Charles Martinet, who will replace Super Mario’s voice, was confirmed.

Super Mario fans finally know who will be wearing the mustache for the Nintendo Mascot’s voice actor as the actor who will be voice acting recently made himself known.

It’s been a thrilling moment to be a Nintendo as well as a Super Mario fan. In addition, there are rumors about a new Nintendo console coming soon, possibly a Nintendo Switch 2; however, there’s an abundance of fantastic games planned with the existing hardware of Nintendo.

Perhaps the most anticipated title will be Super Mario Bros. Wonder, a brand new 2D platformer game that offers Super Mario Bros. Wonder a total overhaul with regards to the graphics and gameplay.

With jaw-dropping artwork and a new spin on gameplay through the ever-changing Wonder Flowers and brand-new characters and powerups, this is shaping up to be an absolute blast for both old and new Mario players alike. There is only one thing to ask… does Elephant Mario have fingers?

In addition to the brand new coat of paint, his vocal cords are going through changes, too. Charles Martinet, who’s voiced Mario for about 32 years, has recently quit and opened the door for a brand new voice actor to fill his spot.

After months of speculation, many fans believed they’d discovered the new voice actor, only to discover they were wrong. the search has ended, and Mario’s voice actor of the future is out in the open and announced that they’ll be taking the reigns of Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario’s voice has now been taken over by Kevin Afghani, a pretty young voice-acting world. His most notable roles thus up to have now been voice actors in Genshin Impact and others, including Nintendo Switch advert voiceovers.

Afghani announced the announcement through their Twitter page, declaring: “Incredibly proud to be able to voice Mario as well as Luigi for Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Thank you to Nintendo for welcoming me to the Flower Kingdom!”

Many fans welcomed the brand actor, who is the new voice in the series, with their responses, thanking Afghani for the chance of a lifetime and expressing their excitement to see his appearances in the near future.

“I truly love the clips of voice. I’ve seen that you have definitely sparked some of your passion and sounded very like a familiar voice! For someone who grew up with Mario, I think you’re doing a fantastic job.”

“CONGRATS!!! I look forward to continuing your hard work!”

“Very pleased for your efforts. A new dream fulfilled, great job.”

The voice of Charles Martinet, who will replace Super Mario’s voice, was confirmed
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