Invincible as well as The Boys creators

Invincible as well as The Boys creators all agree Omni-Man should be ‘toss’ Homelander

Invincible, as well as The Boys creators, all agree Omni-Man should be ‘toss’ Homelander.

The director of Invincible has recently had a conversation to discuss the game with The Boy’s producers, with both of them agreeing that Omni-Man will take down Homelander during a fight. Both superheroes are set to meet for the first time in Mortal Kombat 1, as both have been confirmed as the upcoming DLC fighters. Fans were seeing the first glimpse of Omni-Man’s combat a few days back.

Fans have been discussing who could win if Supervillains Omni-Man and Spider-Man got into a fight in which Omni-Man becomes the winner every occasion.

The idea has been later endorsed by the creators Of the Invincible as well as The Boys, who have reportedly met recently to discuss the idea and decided that Omni-Man will take on Homelander in a battle,. Still, it’s far from being far from being a reality.

It’s logical, also. Although Homelander is by far the strongest Super-human of the series The Boys, he’s not experienced when it comes to combating anyone in the real world, mainly since he’s never been forced to take on the real danger. Omni-Man, on the other hand, has defeated people of his race who don’t have a soft spot and conquered whole globes. So he’s definitely much more skilled with the fight.

The fans were unanimous. Many of them said Homelander does not have the skills to present any threat to Omni-Man and would be killed almost as soon.

“I agree because Homelander still got a soft spot deep, but Omni-man has a mission to conquer built into his DNA.”

“Omniman would just snap Homelander in half.”

“Omni-Man has been alive WAY longer than Homerlander. Homelander probably never trained how to fight a day in his life, just used his strength and abilities to intimidate his opponents.”

In a short time, we get to see two villains battle within Mortal Kombat 1 as they join the roster of DLC fighters. However, the specific date of release hasn’t been announced until now.

Invincible as well as The Boys creators all agree Omni-Man should be ‘toss’ Homelander
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