Enshrouded was revealed to be the next big project of Portal Knights Developer Keen Games, marking the Keen Games’ first venture into the survival game genre. With the darker aesthetics and themes, this title combines elements of action-RPG along with basic building and managing resources to give players a difficult playable and enjoyable experience.

If you’re interested in taking upon the savage inhabitants of an era that’s had its fair share of bad times, keep reading down below to find everything we’ve learned about Enshrouded and more, such as details regarding its date of release, the gameplay, storyline and much many more.

Enshrouded Release Date

The exact launch date for Enshrouded is yet to be announced however we are certainty that it will be available on Steam Early Access, giving users the opportunity to log in and play through an in-development version of the game and then provide feedback.
In late October The website for the developer shows the game as scheduled to be released in 2023. The question is whether that’ll come to pass or if we’ll need delay our adventure to Embervale to 2024.

Enshrouded Story

The story of Enshrouded takes us on the character of Flameborn people who wake up into the harsh environment of Embervale and have to do the best they can to survive.

Infested by a blight that is corrupting known as the Shroud and brought to light when the planet’s previous inhabitants started digging up an elixir that could cure them, it’s our responsibility to rebuild the world, while revealing its mysteries and learning more about its ancient cultures.

Enshrouded Gameplay

Enshrouded hopes to break up the survival game formula of old through the use of action-RPG components along with a variety of amazing traversal tools.

The fundamentals of this style are still present. Beginning from scratch, we’ll be required to make fires in order to survive while we gather resources for building ever-larger bases.

The sprawling continent of voxels has numerous biomes including dark forests, rough mountainous areas and massive deserts that are dry.

No matter where we decide to go, it will be possible to construct your homes above the ground as well as beneath it. When blueprints let us construct our homes, we’ll be able to modify the design one brick at one time.

Decorations are a great way to make the barren areas of castles with large rooms or dark dungeons appear more familiar, and NPCs from all over the world could be enticed by the opportunity to make a connection with our base. In addition to providing needed companionship, they aid in crafting as well as offer challenges.

Farm plots and crafting stations provide us with an opportunity to take care of our surroundings and ensure that we’re ready to face the next threat that’s waiting for us outside of our bases.

When we travel the game, we’ll come across a range of foes, that we will be able to battle both in close and in range which is made much easier by a lock-on mechanism.

The battle of Enshrouded is based on stamina management as well as proper timing. A shield used to stop attacks reduces stamina. However, timing blocks correctly allows us to parry hits.

The successful parries deplete the stamina of your opponent leaving them vulnerable to devastating finishing attack.

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