NFT Owners Suffer Suspicious Injuries at Festival

NFT Owners Suffer Suspicious Injuries at Festival

NFT Owners Suffer Suspicious Injuries at Festival


No one enjoys hearing of someone being injured, particularly at an NFT festival – leading to widespread alarm among NFT enthusiasts and attendees alike. Unfortunately, two NFT enthusiasts suffered mysterious injuries at this year’s Festival which has raised serious concerns.

Yuga Labs owned Bored Ape Yacht Club hosted an NFT festival for cryptocurrency bros this past weekend in Hong Kong; unfortunately however, due to eye related issues for some participants this was turned into something less enjoyable.

As reported by PC Gamer, ApeFest offered JPEG and GIF owners the chance to meet together and celebrate 95% of NFTs being worthless, buy merchandise, listen to music and much more. Unfortunately after it ended however, some attendees reported sore eyes, some feeling burnt sensations including Twitter user Feld4014 who tweeted, “Anyone else’s eyes burning from last night? I woke up around 3 am with extreme pain resulting in visits to emergency departments across three days… just trying to figure out a common thread…”

Feld4014 wasn’t alone in experiencing sore eyes after attending ApeFest: CryptoJune777 revealed: “At 4 am I couldn’t see anymore; my whole skin burned from pain; needed medical assistance & was told UV of stage lighting caused it. Just like sunlight.” Bored_nene added: “Omg yes! Me and Racs_o’s eyes are burning so bad!”

Another Twitter user known as crypto_birb shared their story: after seeing a doctor for overexposure to UV lights, he was diagnosed with photokeratitis. Steroid eye drops and lubricants were prescribed, however there was no lasting damage done, hopefully the same can be said of festival attendees as well.

Bored Yacht Ape Club acknowledged reports from festival goers suffering eye damage and issued an official statement on Twitter.

“Apes is aware of eye-related issues affecting some ApeFest attendees and has begun reaching out proactively since yesterday to individuals to establish root causes,” according to its tweets. It estimated that much less than one percent had symptoms during ApeFest; although most people reported improvement after seeking medical advice; we strongly urge anyone experiencing them immediately seek professional medical attention as soon as they begin.”

Yuga Labs, Bored Ape’s parent company, released an additional statement to PC Gamer: “We are actively reaching out and communicating with those affected; at the same time we are conducting various investigative lines of inquiry to uncover its cause; 15 people whom we have had direct communications with so far represent less than 1 per cent of attendees and staff at our Saturday evening event – our estimates put this figure closer to 0. We do not feel comfortable providing details regarding what caused or avoided this problem in future events until our investigation has taken its full course”.

Hopefully, those affected by an incident at an event will experience a speedy and full recovery with no lasting harm done to them or their health.

NFT Owners Suffer Suspicious Injuries at Festival
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