Skyrim's gigantics were inspired by their creator's father.
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Skyrim’s gigantics were inspired by their creator’s father.


Skyrim’s gigantics were inspired by their creator’s father.


Skyrim enthusiasts likely already know this delightful fact; for anyone else that might still be clueless: Skyrim’s giants were designed after one developer’s father.

Skyrim stands as one of Bethesda’s greatest successes to date, perhaps even their pinnacle achievement to date. I remain hopeful that with post-launch support Starfield can soon experience its own redemption arc – I love playing it but many other players were left underwhelmed at launch. Starfield may change with time and the addition of features; but what I mean here is that, while Starfield was certainly remarkable in itself, it has not received quite the same enthusiastic reception that Skyrim does to this day. Players continue modding the game and starting new playthroughs all the time; I certainly find something ‘new’ every time! With that thought in mind, perhaps you might find it interesting to learn about how Skyrim’s giants were designed?


It may not be groundbreaking news, but this tidbit of knowledge from developer Jonah Lobe can still prove interesting if it comes as news to you for the first time: He previously took to Twitter with this revelation stating, “I created Skyrim Giant as my dad – no joke – which means millions have killed my dad all around the world and millions more will probably do soon too if not.” Using his dad as inspiration was touching; yet his endnote adds an edge of morbidity with each RT vote from viewers! Nonetheless, his final tweet offers something profound; his final wording adds yet more meaningful.

As previously reported, Skyrim recently received an unexpected and expansive update, adding many exciting new features. No one predicted its arrival! These additions include an all new Creations hub, Steam Deck support and ultrawide monitor support; plus various crashes and bugs have been fixed.

One Skyrim player recently killed all 5,000 NPCs – totalling almost 5k! – just to see what would happen; truly showing that this franchise gives back year after year!

Skyrim’s gigantics were inspired by their creator’s father.
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