PlayStation Plus Free Game Reveals The Perfect Combination Of Assassin’s Creed And BioShock

PlayStation Plus Free Game Reveals The Perfect Combination Of Assassin's Creed And BioShock

PlayStation Plus Free Game Reveals The Perfect Combination Of Assassin’s Creed And BioShock


Dishonored games are shining examples of brilliance. There are three mainline titles and one small spin-off to explore within this beautiful world that blends steampunk with gothic England.

Arkane Studios and Bethesda’s Dishonored series, along with Dishonored 2, is widely considered some of the greatest videogames ever released over the past ten years, due to their innovative combination of stealth gameplay with action levels featuring multiple paths to completion.


Though Dishonored is a linear game with clearly-delineated levels and goals, each enclosed level serves as its own playground – use weapons and special abilities to cause chaos; or opt for stealth techniques and teleportation special abilities for more inconspicuous movement.

There are multiple paths, items to interact with and enemies to distract or fight in these thrilling games – and all players tend to approach it in different ways! Like in Assassin’s Creed where missions may expand outward in various directions or Hitman where changing tactics is the norm; players of these great titles tend to tackle them differently as each mission expands further than expected or expands further than planned.

Beyond an engaging gameplay experience, Steampunk Asteroids features amazing characters who serve as caricatures of Gothic England residents – they feature bulbous, awkward bodies often covered with scar tissue reflecting inner struggles – living within an oppressed society filled with Steampunk aesthetics, automatons, poverty and oppression.

Play and replay levels until you achieve success in any one way you envisioned – be that stealthily or by force of will! With various paths available to finish each iteration of this trilogy of games, each will bring hours of pure pleasure!

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