Battlefield: Bad Company 2 For PC Free Download 2024

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 For PC Free Download 2024

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 For PC Free Download 2024


First-person shooter engine Battlefield Bad Company 2. allows players to create their own shelters and machine gun crews, and create distinct locations on the map that can be used as an area for shelter as well as a base.

The destruction system is constantly triggered by blasts as well as a lot of combat. The overall experience is that Battlefield: BC 2 remains an excellent shooter that has good things to do in terms of shooting mechanics and physics. In addition, it is possible to use vehicles traverse the terrain. Tanks, ATVs, helicopters, and more are within our reach if we discover them.

The war that broke out between two great powers the two superpowers – Russia as well as the United States – led to the outbreak of a global conflict. The very first interactive action shows the year 1944. as per the Commander of the Navy Seals, they found the first hotspot of war which was within the Sea of Japan.

Two special forces detachments have been sent to the area, one of them is shot dead in the hands of rebels. The other locates the scientist, whom they consider to be the primary person of the attack, and warns the others that they are going to die. Burst, wave, squad dies.

But, the Third World War has not been officially declared. We are told this by the protagonist – an officer from the special division that was part of known as the Navy Seals in the United States. The entire group was ruthlessly killed by Russian soldiers who seized their comrades in the manner of soldiers.

It is necessary to wage an escalating battle against Russians as well as the Japanese on the territories in Alaska, Mexico, and some nations of Eurasia which have since been taken over in the hands of Russia.

The game gained fame due to its massive multiplayer mode where as many as 32 players participate. They are all divided into two teams, in which there’s a fight across a large map. The game begins before the round, it is concluded at the point that a specific goal has been accomplished: the taking of the area, or a specific number of deaths. Players choose their weapon and sides.



System Requirments


  • OS: 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo @ 2.0 GHz
  • Graphics: with 256 Mb video memory
  • Memory: 2 Gb


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 For PC Free Download 2024




Battlefield: Bad Company 2 For PC Free Download 2024
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